Open letter to you: it wasn’t enough.

Justice has been served, they said. And yet, here we are again. Simply a sigh of relief as the jury signs off its declaration. Judgement has been passed. At last, one innocent soul has been granted recognition. That one innocent soul died before their time and now, they can finally be fully laid to rest. But not yet. Because one “wrong set to right” does not address the hundreds, thousands, millions, multitudes, and so many countless others.

What about them?

How can you live with yourself? Three, no four, no at least six more were killed just this past week. Same innocence, same criminal chasing them down like it was nothing. Same pleading for life because aren’t we all taught that life and tolerance and no violence are vital and important? The best way to go forward even? It’s a lie. That’s for sure, we know it now if we didn’t know already. It’s a lie. No amount of pleading can help; certainly not a call for help either it seems.

Two nights ago, justice was served. Two nights ago, at that same time, a beautiful soul was lost. Again, an innocent. A woman calling out for help while in the midst of defending herself for whatever reason. I write the word “whatever” to describe the word “reason” because does it matter? A call for help is a call for help. Not an invitation to get killed. What was more important in that crucial moment? Whatever happened to conversation in this age of no humanity, all digitized, fully robotic, just “an eye for an eye and let’s leave it at that”? What happened to decent humane emotion-filled conversation?

In the end, what’s changed? “Oh, you know, a small step forward,” they say. Another one. Another one. Another one….  A huge victory in any situation requires so many small steps but, at this rate, we’ll never see the victory. George Floyd has been heard and finally allowed to rest  but the grief is there as is the void his death created.

Worse, though, so many have been insulted, injured, or killed these past few weeks. All because of what? Tension? An accident? A ridicule of an army uniform? A mistake? The tension is ridiculous on all accounts because your lives are not on the line. Ours’ are. Theirs’ are. Theirs’ were. And it was no accident. Enough with that lie. It’s too dumb to be an excuse. A taser is no gun. Never was, never will be. If you were trained correctly, you should not even have access to that gun. A man in a military uniform, on active duty even, has had more opportunity to serve his country and yet, he receives less advantages than you, who goes joy-riding in a car which pulls out a siren for fun. This is no joke. You even proudly remind the rest of us about 9/11 and the wars and the veterans, so far as to reopen the wounds many of us desperately seek to close. Yet, this is how you treat a soldier? Shameful. There should be a better word but alas there are none. His uniform demanded respect, just like the breath and pleas of so many demanded a watchful ear. Your blue uniform does not shout “respect me”. It shouts something else. Danger.

It’s a sentiment we all share about you.

Two nights ago, one of yours was finally held accountable for the so-called “recklessness”, which we call “life threatening” and criminal behavior”. I call it “thug action” and “toxic”. Two nights ago, justice was served. And yet, you continue to violate us. All of us. You continue to violate them. All of them. So that small step forward…. does it count? Yes. However, what price did we all pay? A very high one. Because two nights ago, just as justice was served for one man, another lost her life by the same hand, who was held accountable for the crime. (You.)

It’s on my mind all the time. For years now, it’s always been on my mind. I used to see it daily, by the second. Maybe I still do. Except now I have been away for many years. So I don’t openly write about it or talk about it as much as I should. But it’s there. In my thoughts, in my fury, in my sadness, and here.

That lost soul had a name. They all do. All the women. All the men. All the girls. All the boys. And that lost soul who lost her life two nights ago was Ma’Khia Bryant. Another soul to remember in the too long list of souls lost to remember.

No longer a parking we want. Just a road forward. St. Louis, September 2019. ©le_chah_errant.

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  1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    The level of violence in the US is an epidemic and it thrives on both sides of the law and law enforcement. I am glad to hear of a guilty verdict for a rogue killer cop but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…great article Béa and happy weekend to you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. beachah says:

      It is, frustratingly enough.. Thank you Francisco! A happy weekend to you too.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

        Have a happy one Bea…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Msdedeng says:

    I hear you loud and clear.

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  3. Nadine says:

    Hey lovely Bea. Is this an open letter to the officer that killed Ma’Khia Bryant? I am guessing that from the last line. Or is it to all police? I think for some of us readers the “Open letter to you” title, followed by the contents, can feel confusing.

    You are such a loving soul, and your caring for the plight of the injured rings all through this piece. One thing I do know though, and probably you and I agree on this, is the fact that all police/solidiers/civilians do not act equally.

    There is a lot of systemic ignorance at the root of these troubles. I worry for victims of police abuse, but I also worry for the police who are quietly trying to do the right thing every day, and keep working in spite of all the rage out there against those of their colleagues who do wrong. Generalization is the base of prejudice. Ironically, probably at some level each of us has experienced this.

    Hugs and love to you 💗🌻 xoxo

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    1. beachah says:

      I agree with you. The inequality is so. It’s addressed to a multitude of persons. Sorry if the title is confusing. Hugs and love to you. ❤️


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