A l’aide? Depending on….

You’re in a restaurant. Or the entrance of the métro. Or in the street. Or in a staircase where above, someone is moving cardboard boxes. The person whom you see seems to have a few problems. From a distance. You want to help. Read that last sentence again but as if it were a question….

From a heatwave moment

Imagine you are in a place, full of humidity and sun flashing down on you. You cannot drive. You can take public transports. But it’s a heatwave and your body is tired. You are exhausted. Even before the pandemic, heat waves caused a lot of damage. And while some of you are simply complaining of…

Rant of a recent morning

Please don’t talk to me about Disability Pride month or whatever name it carries. Not when you expect me to make room for you in the supermarket instead of the other way around. Take this for example: I’m in line at the supermarket to pay. I am hémiplégique. Behind me an old man with a…

It’s time to learn.

Starting 8 years ago (and possibly before), articles such as one in Foreign Policy, gave out a warning to all US politicians that if alternative foreign policy agendas were not put into place in the very near future the cost would be extremely high for the country and the world if it wasn’t already. 6 years…

Open letter to you: it wasn’t enough.

Justice has been served, they said. And yet, here we are again. Simply a sigh of relief as the jury signs off its declaration. Judgement has been passed. At last, one innocent soul has been granted recognition. That one innocent soul died before their time and now, they can finally be fully laid to rest….

stop twisting History for your propaganda!!

Recently, I read this article off of the francophone Azerbaijani press, which a friend, equally disgusted by its language, had sent me. Its goal, like everything else Azerbaijan has publicly published in France, was to 1. thank Macron for his little speech to the Armenia Fund’s France branch and 2. compare Nagorno Karabakh* with Alsace-Lorraine….

The broken record cracked.

Someone told me a few days ago, “we need to talk about it. We need to react.” This isn’t analysis. It’s officially too personal. But it’s important. Black Lives Matter. It’s not a trend. It’s not a fashion statement. It’s not even a lifestyle. It is a fact. It is reality. I have seen too…