This is Le Chah writing…..

The Editorial

This is The Teapot and the Postbox.

This is where analysis, creative writing, politics, international issues, and a crazy penchant for critiquing and criticizing clash together. Take it as the morning’s go-to or coffee in the mid-afternoon.

It is certainly not fashion either or the mainstream of society.

Behind The Scenes

It all started in September 2015 in Strasbourg, one of my favorite places in the world, right up there with New York and Armenia. I picked up the pen after a five-year silence and I continue to relearn how to write and take up my craft again. It is a steep one but it’s one, of which I have learned to be proud.

The Typewriter

I am a geopolitics analyst. I am a researcher. Either freelance or broke, I don’t mind. What I do mind however is the disrespect society has for creative and different people. No, we cannot all code. We cannot all be data nerds. We cannot all be good self-presenters of our skills and ambitions. But what I can do is write.

So consider this: the typewriter is up for hire.