reactional thoughts to thoughts on the racial contract

“But Barnhill’s leniency is selective—as The Appeal’s Josie Duffy Rice notes, Barnhill attempted to prosecute Olivia Pearson, a black woman, for helping another black voter use an electronic voting machine. A crime does not occur when white men stalk and kill a black stranger. A crime does occur when black people vote.”

This is the disgusting truth. This is the face of a country who still does not want to understand. This is the face of a country who does not want to face its skeletons in the closet, its stain on “freedom for all”.

“When does it all end?” I’d say. When do we bring to justice all the wrongs? This all in the name of freedom: the guns, the shootings, the killings, the bad mouthing (my mother can tell you all about that and she’s a European immigrant in the U.S!), the disrespect for human rights.

I’m fed up. You’re fed up. We’re fed up. It’s the same feeling I get when hearing old white privileged Americans talk about Europe like it’s a broken paradise so that means we should not go in that direction. What direction?? What direction? The one where we’re all dead? The one in which the 2nd Amendment is KING and everyone gets barred from the country? The one where only one man will be left standing? The one where education will be such a privilege, no one can afford it? The one where anarchy is king, the return, sorry the strengthening, of Jim Crow?

Enough with the unnecessary violence. ENOUGH ALREADY. Yet, again, that’s one more stain on the “freedom for all”. Plenty of stains as a matter of fact. Like it even existed. It never existed. If this health crisis, this pandemic, is showing anything, it’s the final cracks in the system, in the social fabric of the country. What is life in this country? Violence, privilege, bigotry, racism. And still, our history books are empty. Our geography books are empty. Our health bills are enormous. Our pay is not good. Our medication is too highly priced. And the bigots still scream “America the Great”.

They still demand the proofs. They still point the finger at “the others” stubbornly defending their corner, their “reputation”. This is not the time for tit-for-tats. This is not the time for politics. This is certainly not the time to retrench, the rich on one side, the poor on the other. And yet, and yet, no social security for those who need it the most. No security. No calmness of mind because citizens are waking up every morning, asking themselves, “What now?” or “Will today be my day?” or “Is today the end?” It’s not over. It won’t be over. The immigrants, the migrants, the poor, the struggling, the passing through, the natives, the victims of racial segregation, the victims of abuse, the stranded, what of them? Should they die because of “survival of the fittest”? Should they die because of the racial contract, still embedded in the U.S constitution to this day? Should they die in the name of “freedom for all”, words which are just words, all talk, no action?

How much will it take for the system to change? How much will it take for the establishment to change? 200 laws blocked in the Senate should be the last straw! Healthcare should be simple to vote on, passed, accepted, and put into concrete action. Instead, the bigots destroyed everything put into foundation at the Great Depression. A entire legacy lost to the bare bones.

Many will not be fine. Many were already suffering. Many are still suffering. Bullet, noose, or virus, it makes no difference. At the end of the day, it is the same sickness: that, which does not care if we live or die. That which believes we are all commodities in the name of “freedom for all”. That, which continues to scream “That one! Kill it! Kill it! It’s in my way.” And this sickness is the very disease at the heart of this society, powered by a closet full of skeletons. This society, powered and fueled by the very element, pulling it back towards the abyss: poverty is only fueled by the racial contract.

It has to change. It has to be done away with. It has to reform. There are too many stains on “freedom for all”. Too many. Too much violence, too many lives lost because of jealousy, the bigger man feeling left out. ENOUGH.


(Note: This was written before the latest police violence and George Floyd’s death. For more, we recommend reading “The Corona Was an Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying”, published in The Atlantic, Adam Serwer, 8 May 2020.)

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