Histoires de chats…. …..

The cultural element of traveling in different countries are the people. The fun element though?


Yes, you read correctly. Cats.

Cats are interesting citizens. They roam in the streets. They set their territory boundaries. They are curious little beings, especially when we are near them. In Lebanon, I found a few cats hanging out nonchalantly. In Europe, they hide. In Armenia, they go from garbage scavengers to lovable yowling attention seekers lounging in the sun.

Enter the gang. Yerevan, February 2019 ©le_chah_errant


They’re stalkers, communing alone, together or as seekers. Patience is a virtue. Felines evidently are. Waiting is lounging in the sun and rolling around in the dirt rocks. You do a lot if you know how to wait. Cats often showed me this art of patience (though I am too restless sometimes).

In this photo blog series we want know: what story do you see here? We say cats you say … … 🙂



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