Murmur home.

I see the rising tide beneath the setting sun but the waves do not come crashing, tumbling down, spears at the ready for battle. No, they simply call and murmurrepeatedly, slinking around my feet, snaking, not unlike the kettle’s whistle when it welcomes the warmth of coffee, tea leaves, or the bottom of the cup….


3 stages of grief 3 stages of trauma 3 stages of anger I am the 4th stage. I carry all the stages of my lineage. It’s been a while… We took a little break from the blog. We’re not quite there yet but we think we’re ready to write again. Poppies symbolise remembrance and these…

visuals in our paths

In March, we asked “what is light?” “What does it bring?” We all have memories. They’re what makes us each an individual. Tainted with the colouring of our emotions. But light is also a prism. From one angle, we only see what we can see. Only when we turn into another corner or direction do…

Light to be, light to not

Light. It’s an element from nature, which makes us dream and anticipate at the same time. Every society in the world wrote about it, has been mystified by it at times. Divine or a warning? A hope in the dead of winter for some, it is also a cosmic force for many others.   Mostly…

Of kryptonite and sunsets

Dreams are kryptonite sometimes..  a sort of cryptic message, which can only come from you. And yet, and yet, you’ve taught me every time never to believe you. It’s that illusion no one sees coming. It is the dawn. Is it the sunset? I’m not sure. My history with you is empty. My history with…

Peace, one of a kind.

These empty streets you see are not what I see. But what is History? What is a people? And what, I ask you, is a state? Empty streets are just an illusion. In peace, it is early. In war, it is danger. What History has told us is always the truth. Sometimes, it is but…

Mots sur un peuple enchantant

Between late August 2018 and mid February 2019, I had the opportunity to be in Armenia for a small research assistant position. I also had the opportunity to meet many people, both local Armenians and diaspora Armenians. Since I left, it’s held a very special place in my heart, writing-wise, research-wise, and emotionally. I will…

….. et une fin d’histoire.

Une histoire d’un autre jour encore je me suis demander pourquoi nous sommes tous coincés dans un cercle vicieux !   FIN.

first thoughts on a revolution

The first night Nighttime hippies, hip, old school styles. All red. All green. All white. All cardboard “Solidarity”, waving flags. I’ve never felt at home anywhere really. Maybe sometimes. But this night was a dream. It was home. Tartines au zaatar. 1 lookoom per person. 1 famous singer of our very own rock alternative band….

Toi, ce chemin, et moi.

Une image s’élève de toi. Bien grande, bien lointaine. Je me sens …. ……… ……… loin. pas à côté. à côté de la plaque. mais pas trop. Ce chemin, j’ai cru le prendre mille fois. Et pourtant. Pourtant. Je ne l’ai jamais emprunté. #Longlost #wandering #somewherenew