On est dimanche.

On est dimanche

Il faut sortir.

Courir? Non.

Marcher? Vite.

Un culte. Retrouvailles à distances. À grande proximité.

Un concert? Non. Une répétition.

3 violoncelles.

1 piano.

1 flûte.

Ou est-ce 1 clarinette?

Un chocolat chaud. x2 Un sac de bredele*.

De la pluie.   

Pas le temps pour être encombrés ni pour être solitaire ni pour être une troisième roue.

Juste le temps de dire  


une promenade,

et “Joyeux Noël”.

Et oui déjà.

Février? Ah non les cafés ne seront pas ouverts d’ici là.


Happy Christmas from Strasbourg, December 2020. ©le_chah_errant

Happy Christmas all! A crazy, weird, almost destructive year at its close and my head is still in January. The above text was from Sunday. This year was my busiest year here on WordPress, mostly because I have time on my hands and my pen flowed in the spring. I don’t call it productivity and sometimes I forget to jot down the day’s words in my quarantine journal. I’ve not done many analyses but a friend is asking for one on the Caucasus, Armenia, and Artsakh (yes, you can find the already published ones here and here.). I have another project idea on freedom of the press to elaborate. It’ll be a companion piece to this. And, also, I am planning to post a portfolio page with everything (or every few things) I have done as a writer, analyst, or journalist (whatever society calls it). I’m also getting back to research on Beirut but you can read my thoughts (not analysis) here and here. Don’t hesistate to explore the rest of The Teapot and the Postbox while you’re at it.

Be sure to visit the previous posts published here, here, and here! But first, don’t hesitate to tell me what I should write next week! Go on, do it. I’d love to hear from you. ❤️

*Alsatian cookies. You can eat them all year round. Come the Christmas season though, everyone in Alsace bakes the bredele (and there are different types) to eat during the holiday season or to give to everyone else. Hot chocolate or Glühwein with a few bredele is a nice snack.  


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