Sherlock. Which Sherlock? Oh THAT Sherlock! (the detective…)

Minute culture. As you may have noticed (or not), the fourth season of Sherlock is scheduled to air on 1 January 2017 through BBC. Now, while several might not like this particular series or simply dislike Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes, who is this Sherlock Holmes chap?

When I was younger, I was mostly interested in classics but at some point in high school, found a beginning-to-yellow copy of Sherlock’s adventures (Volume 1 of the complete adventures via Barnes and Noble special “classics” published collection), which my parents bought for me as a Christmas present years before (I had not been tempted enough then). It was, as you could probably decipher, at the bottom of the huge stack of books in front the bookshelf. To this date, there are one or two stories I have not read, but needless to say, I convinced my eleventh grade English teacher that the tales of Mr. Holmes constitute, contrary to her belief,  a classic of British literature.

So I go back to my initial thought for this piece. Who is this Holmes chap? Well he could be anyone. Ted-Ed, in the video below, shows that there have been so many possibilities, or should I say, interpretations.

Viewed this TED-Ed lesson by Neil McCaw and illustrated by Lasse Rützou Bruntse, dated back from earlier this year on 5 May 2016, which I found on Youtube through TED-Ed’s channel.

Enjoy!  🙂

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