water on the horizon

…… Watermelon season fast approaching how to get water without ripping veins open. Call me. Show me a sign Last week, we left you with the line “Watermelon season fast approaching” and it is watermelon season. We continue the verse with that line to give you a head starter.  À la semaine prochaine 🙂  or…

rĂȘve de cauchemar sur mont

Death in the mountains he looks away almost in shame Watermelon season fast approaching This week, we’re writing poetry again. (We’re too exhausted for something else.) Not everything is happy in life and this little verse is part 1 of a piece we’re working on.   Enjoy ❀

ramblings in a vineyard ou comment partir en weekend

Je me pose des fois la question, si Ă  un moment donnĂ©, je ne regrette rien. Un billet de train trop cher, ou un voyage Ă  Paris qui va, une fois de plus, ĂȘtre chargĂ© de beaucoup de self control. And then, oui c’est bilingual, je me dit: “No it’s fine. It’ll bite later.” Ou…

Shadows dancing

Yesterday I saw you through the shadow lamp light, dancing headspace We’re in a rush this week, so we leave you all with a haiku. Our resident poet hates writing in structured form but sometimes we all have to experiment, right? We have an idea for next week. Actually, we have a few ideas for…

What hides above

You’re on the road, a bit of modern concrete from the days of industrialization, cutting through mother earth like it doesn’t matter.  Are you in a car? If so, imagine driving up. You’re on a winding road. It turns, it twists, it makes you spin.   And even if you are on foot, it makes you…

Muette comme la mouette

Hier soir, j’Ă©tais une mouette. Elle s’est installĂ©e dans le sable. Bien enfournĂ©e mais la tĂȘte dehors vers l’horizon. Un oeil ouvert, MoitiĂ© fermĂ©. Surveillance totale. pour quel? Aucune idĂ©e mais que pour l’horizon.

Murmur home.

I see the rising tide beneath the setting sun but the waves do not come crashing, tumbling down, spears at the ready for battle. No, they simply call and murmurrepeatedly, slinking around my feet, snaking, not unlike the kettle’s whistle when it welcomes the warmth of coffee, tea leaves, or the bottom of the cup….

Jungle ‘scape

Lime green, jardin de jungle.A pair of legging trousers, a tunicor is it a dress?Little girl, on a beam, without a beam, on a vitesse Ă  tres longue distance, trees at the moment zipping by in my lens like no tomorrow. She’s a ballerina, the type another little girl could have if the brain damage…

….. et une fin d’histoire.

Une histoire d’un autre jour encore je me suis demander pourquoi nous sommes tous coincĂ©s dans un cercle vicieux !   FIN.

Book review : L’Appartement tĂ©moin

Imaginons un homme. Imaginons un fantĂŽme. Imaginons un esprit. Les rĂȘves sont rĂ©elles. C’est ce que l’on nous dits, enfants. Mais est-ce vraiment le cas? J’ai lu L’Appartement TĂ©moin, ce premier livre signĂ© Tatiana de Rosnay. PubliĂ© en 1992, cela raconte l’histoire d’un homme, divorcĂ©, perdu, et nouvellement emmĂ©nagĂ© dans son propre appartement. Le rĂȘve?…