A small sample of the revolution

Originally posted on LinaSays:
I’m sitting in Beirut airport after a whirlwind week. This was a trip delayed several times due to the ongoing revolution, an exciting and historic time for long-overdue change in Lebanon. If you don’t know, this popular uprisings began on 17 October 2019 with masses taking to the streets to protest…

comments on a “unique” democracy

Here’s what you need to know: a country has been independent since 1943. Before that, during and before a French mandate, it was “partially autonomous’.

Theoretically, we are talking about a democratic country, “lauded” for its unique structure.

Reality? Everyone in politics thinks they’re better than the others. Civil war became a blood bath. It lasted for 15 years.

Revolution: The winds of change?

Is asking for change a good thing? Is it wise? Is there a chance for success? Change is radical. Radicality is politicized. Radicality is changing. Radicality is psychology. But revolution is psychological. Revolution is the public debate. A public sphere. What is necessary is to place over words, words over actions, violence and peace clashing…