Reactional thoughts on a skewered education system

So so much is wrong with this mentality around the SAT and the ACT. The only reason universities have used it as a criteria for applications is because there’s a lack of coherent education policy in the country. Yes, it’s true; no high school is created equal compared to other high schools. One town and…

reactional thoughts to thoughts on the racial contract

“But Barnhill’s leniency is selective—as The Appeal’s Josie Duffy Rice notes, Barnhill attempted to prosecute Olivia Pearson, a black woman, for helping another black voter use an electronic voting machine. A crime does not occur when white men stalk and kill a black stranger. A crime does occur when black people vote.” This is the…

Of bookshops, and plans.

In original bookshops,  very interesting finds you’ll get. My favorite is a Mossad security history book, of which I can’t remember the name, in a Jewish bookshop off in the Marais.. Then again, what about those conflict analyses and terrorism books in the Shakespeare and Co? (Yes, THAT bookshop in Paris).. Or the record stores,…

a piece of mind on gentrification

Mind the gap, they say. Mind the gap. The wider the pavement, the bigger the gap. And then we fall. We fall. Sometimes, never to get back up. The countrysides almost emptied out. As they did, they closed the train station. How will people get out of their villages? Pay the gas pedal, I suppose….

Give up on that

Let me tell you something personal. Life is a boat on the raging seas. You will have hardships. You will have griefs. You will be stressed. But you can quit if you cannot solve a problem. Or two. Or a thousand.

Boris, the abyss, and an island.

Boris Johnson, democracy, and the ghost of Brexit future. It is quite fitting though Charles Dickens created a better scénario. Even with the recent, or bombastic, developments in the GB parliament, it remains the same endpoint. What should we begin with? 1. How the man became prime minister of a country on the verge of…

To the Elderly: WE will NOT toast to you.

Here’s the thing: there will always be an older generation to scold us, a younger generation to look up to us in awe and shock. But, even to the most moderate or conservative of us: don’t you think enough is enough?