democracy, or that muted radio.

If you look hard enough, in the corner of your eye…. You see it. A blue standard, they call a symbol…    it’s a fickle one, I say. But…. They said this was democracy, one step forward to better, one more injustice fought,all because of a victory, which was no victory, but apparently no one asked…

Who are we, if we know who we are? Still divided but turning a page.

Two weeks ago, a fascist terrorist like “mob” crashed into the US capital all the way to the federal government’s buildings.  The reaction? Journalists: This is a never-seen before scene… and other missteps comparing to war zones created by the US imperialism. Politicians: This is not the United States of America. However, that’s the problem….

Voting in the Major A to F chords

The following is a reaction to an article read. And a very important message. The shame. The United States is literally the only country in the world to have an election-voting rights system the way it does. Citizens are not computers. Paper ballots are not fraud. And writing is a necessary tool in life but…

a rant on the silence.

Recently my father explained the Lebanese revolution to a New Yorker. Her answer: “So why aren’t we protesting?” My father found it hilarious and typically New York.

Excuse the odd heated language here. It needs to be said sometimes in today’s age. We need to vent about what is happening. We need to rant against the stupid words spoken aloud.

So why, why indeed, are we not protesting?

comments on a “unique” democracy

Here’s what you need to know: a country has been independent since 1943. Before that, during and before a French mandate, it was “partially autonomous’.

Theoretically, we are talking about a democratic country, “lauded” for its unique structure.

Reality? Everyone in politics thinks they’re better than the others. Civil war became a blood bath. It lasted for 15 years.

Revolution: The winds of change?

Is asking for change a good thing? Is it wise? Is there a chance for success? Change is radical. Radicality is politicized. Radicality is changing. Radicality is psychology. But revolution is psychological. Revolution is the public debate. A public sphere. What is necessary is to place over words, words over actions, violence and peace clashing…

Elections and a decrease in democracy?

Democracies in crisis worldwide, many countries holding elections but with unhappy citizens… coincidence?? Probably not. On the other hand, while everyone is bickering with everyone else, everyone (notice the repetition…) is watching the elections of the one “super power”, which is obviously no longer a super power. These so-called “elections” might also make the reader…