No one will read this….

No one will read this probably but my lungs, once full of greens and happy smiles, now wait for gas masks, another world from across that road the damned so desire. That’s the problem, the road. They just want the goods, transports of misery and bloodlust, a dream of nightmares to recreate glory days, never…

Summer 2022, news clippings of misactions.

Since 2020, conflicts and violence have been many worldwide. This past year alone has witnessed Mankind at its worse. The climate catastrophe (no longer a change now) alone has wreaked havoc alongside rising terrible inflation. This past month has witnessed action as well, in continuity with the rest. Here’s a quick short excerpt:   1…

fires, fires, screaming spires

So many arguments these days, fights, and fists raised and brawls and dogging boxing rants guns and bullets and bombs and ” accidental ” fire hazards to the tomb, up in smoke Screaming matches at all levels street corners protests in the city regions digging back cultural icons nations hell-bent on destroying salvaging defending their…

quel jour déjà? perdu.

j’ai un peu zappée, oubliée, de me concentrer, sur ce que je voulais faire. Voilà pour aujourd’hui. ou cette semaine, ça aussi j’oublie. Maybe next week, we’ll do what we were supposed to do. We do nothing these days. We’re not lazy. Hej… that could be a poem. Enjoy ❤️

A l’aide? Depending on….

You’re in a restaurant. Or the entrance of the métro. Or in the street. Or in a staircase where above, someone is moving cardboard boxes. The person whom you see seems to have a few problems. From a distance. You want to help. Read that last sentence again but as if it were a question….

From a heatwave moment

Imagine you are in a place, full of humidity and sun flashing down on you. You cannot drive. You can take public transports. But it’s a heatwave and your body is tired. You are exhausted. Even before the pandemic, heat waves caused a lot of damage. And while some of you are simply complaining of…

Chares’ wheel continues

throwing cigarette in a crunch, abiding time……… Chares’ wheel keeps turning before one last goodbye Thank you for your patience as we wrote and shared with you this poem. This is the end. And the beginning of July.  Tune in for next week as we unpack something we’ll try to write.

what is life worth?

life – living breathing one more time he thinks… throwing cigarette in a crunch.. Welcome to the end of June. Bienvenue à la fin de ce mois de juin.  We have been following the news but local lives have been rollercoasters so we’ll write here in July. Nous avons suivi les infos mais on va…

water on the horizon

…… Watermelon season fast approaching how to get water without ripping veins open. Call me. Show me a sign Last week, we left you with the line “Watermelon season fast approaching” and it is watermelon season. We continue the verse with that line to give you a head starter.  À la semaine prochaine 🙂  or…

rêve de cauchemar sur mont

Death in the mountains he looks away almost in shame Watermelon season fast approaching This week, we’re writing poetry again. (We’re too exhausted for something else.) Not everything is happy in life and this little verse is part 1 of a piece we’re working on.   Enjoy ❤️