rays of sun.

Rays of a typical NYC afternoon down upon us and I go my own way. We came to pay a visit to our history. What we found were just a few reminders of a town I have not seen again. A few reminders of something more recent, a war in secret, half still shrouded in…

Words from yesterday

Yesterday, I tore up the map of NYC. It was staring me from the blank wall and it was too many thoughts. Past and present.  And the future is always an illusion. NYC is no place to go back to. I tore up the map into pieces, so small I cannot put the streets together….

….. et une fin d’histoire.

Une histoire d’un autre jour encore je me suis demander pourquoi nous sommes tous coincés dans un cercle vicieux !   FIN.

first thoughts on a revolution

The first night Nighttime hippies, hip, old school styles. All red. All green. All white. All cardboard “Solidarity”, waving flags. I’ve never felt at home anywhere really. Maybe sometimes. But this night was a dream. It was home. Tartines au zaatar. 1 lookoom per person. 1 famous singer of our very own rock alternative band….

clippings of a Revolution.

Emotions on Lebanese Revolution: Second night Excitement has never hit me like tonight. Arabic, French, English all in one sentence. Yes to my childhood again. Not those summers in France. My father knows you. But not me. Yet it’s all I ever dreamed of, unconsciously.   Beginning of the second week Writing session. Setting: Manousheh,…

The Art of Summer (or how to procrastinate)

We’re a little worn out. Mostly because I have a few ideas I want to work on but I’ve had no energy these past weeks to fully develop them. It was summer and, like everyone else probably, I wanted to rather soak in the sun and music than research and writing. So to show you…

NYC and the French: the everlasting obsession never ending

The French Consulate of New York likes to say that it is well situated: on 5th Avenue, a 5-10 minute walk from the MET Museum of Art and on the other side of the road from Central Park. To make all things French grander, the Cultural Services of the Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…