Leaked : a warning

Earlier this week, an anonymous and concerned source leaked a certain document from the US Supreme Court to the newspaper media PoliticoThe document in question: a draft opinion from the majority concerning Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey. In short, it seems that the Supreme Court will vote 6-3 making abortions illegal. Let us rephrase that: safe abortions can become illegal.

This, considering we are dealing with one of the most conservative Supreme Courts ever, and, that worldwide, ultra conservative parties/movements have been in the mainstream for several years now, is bad. Not surprising but bad. Ultra conservatives have been working tirelessly for decades now against grassroots organizers and necessary reforms. The most famous of them all, Mitch McConnell, had moved many of his chess pieces across the board for years. Think 2016 and Merrick Garland, now Attorney General, then Obama’s pick for Supreme Court justice. This was in February to March 2016 and already McConnell was calling Obama “the lame duck” in reference to the controversial time frame between Election day in November and Inauguration day in January. The Supreme Court was down one judge for a little over 1 year, until Neil Gorsuch was nominated and was accepted. 

The leaked document has since been confirmed as legitimate. If anything, the source did right. It is an outrage that the highest court in a country decide the future of bodies and what we, with those bodies, can and cannot do with them, in private behind closed doors. It is double the outrage that Samuel Alito dares to reference the Constitution as a defence for their decision because the Constitution does not mention abortion.

It is a triple outrage that Democrats are suddenly, not for the first time, vowing to codify Roe v Wade when they are divided more than ever. Not to mention that for decades, this was already a political discussion for debate and yet everyone in the US legislative governance system was more interested in personal interests, war in foreign parts of the world, lining up their own pockets, creating-supporting torture chambers for international and domestic prisoners, and forgetting the civic and social rights of the US’ own citizens whether domestically or abroad. Do not get us started on the latter one, please. 

It is, fourthly, an outrage that abortion’s legality or illegality is still a topic of discussion while huge potholes exist on long stretches of road, Black and Indigenous lives continue to be killed daily on the streets and in their houses, public transports lack efficiency and sustainability and, the basic necessary healthcare and social care are luxuries. 

The only precedent, which this decision will give is an invitation for other countries worldwide to do the same. A few, such as Poland and Hungary, began to push these political plans a few years ago. Other countries such as Argentina and Chile have legalized abortion by law as recently as 2020 and 2017 respectively. 

If the decision passes, it is an open door for every ultra-conservative group out there to push for such political plans with more zeal. It is an enormous step backwards in History. It will only bring more death. What’s more important? Waging costly destructive wars in the name of democracy or making sure one’s own citizens are healthy, sleeping safely in their beds at night, walking safely in the streets, and thriving ? 

It is not a complicated question. 

Books on the ground. May 2021, Strasbourg. ©le_chah_errant

Merci pour le passage cette semaine. Thank you for tuning in this week.

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  1. paulkayaian says:

    ZOOTA ALORS! Brilliant! Calm, reasoned, painfully accurate. Well said and well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beachah says:

      Thank you Paul!


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