from an internal point of view.

Here, below, you will find  a poem I wrote a couple of days ago. It was inspired from a poetry prompt, which we will present below afterwards:

Another coup de tête, prise de cornes,
          you never know when the screaming stops and 
       when crying begins.
you wish you knew, you're not stuck

                       it's worse.
you're all over the place. And.  you're tired.
Oh! so tired, in the vocal box, 
       just as in the heart muscles and the brain
fog is horrible especially as it eats up 
                 the energy in the bowels of the stomach.

anxiety bangs its drum just then,
                                   as tears finally dry,
               you wonder, is it over ................

                                               for today?
In Paris: broken or put out? March 2022, Paris on the quais de la Seine. ©le_chah_errant

This poem was inspired by a prompt around grief, presented by Noam Klein, through the Radius of Arab American Writers, aka RAWI, a national literary non-profit organization, providing mentorship and community space for Arab American creatives and creatives with origins from the Arab world. This month, they are presenting each day, a prompt devised by a different SWANA (South West Asia North Africa) artist each day. There will be 30 in total. The prompt we followed is below. 

Enjoy ❤️

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