Media, skewered angles, and civilization


To be uncivilized, you have to be a monster. Not an animal, but a monster.

In the past few weeks, we have seen prices sky rocket to new horrible proportions around the world. Genocides continue, violence and wars continue in many regions across the globe. Raging because jealousy is a human emotion men cannot learn to control. While all of these are for gaining resources and self interests, only people get hurt in the process. As we know already, while we are all capable of violence, only monsters carry it out without one ounce of control.

In other words, monsters are the uncivilized of this war.. an explicite example could be imperialist powers or brutal police violence against citizens. This leads us to the worst of the news these past few weeks:

                                the media.

We have ranted against stupidity in the media before. This though reaches new levels of stupidity. Worse, it all sounds like narcissism. 

“Uncivilized”, “not Christian like us”, “we have never seen a refugee crisis like this”, “the first war of the 21st century” are several comments, which spilled across the pages and screens. First, this is not the first war of the century. Just the first of this magnitude in Europe and even then, the current war is a continuum of the events of 2014, from the Euromaiden to the invasion of Crimea. Second, many media seem to forget what they said in 2014-2015, when the refugee crisis began (from Syria and Iraq via Turkey and the African continent) due to multiple wars raging. Third, many civilizations worldwide have Christian communities whether they represent the majority or the minority. We can remind the media that it sometimes uses these communities like poster children in the name of “war of religion”, when, in reality, the wars in question are geopolitical and geo-economic. We are not going to dwell and analyze but below we include a list of all the places grappling with invasions, war, civil war, proxy wars, violence, conflict, and genocide since 2000. Some are ongoing while others began in the 20th century.

  • Horn of Africa
  • Ivory Coast
  • Angola
  • Darfur
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Central African Republican Bush wars
  • Kurdistan
  • Niger
  • Yemen
  • Chad
  • Bangladesh – India border
  • Lebanon
  • Sri Lanka
  • Mexico
  • Somalia
  • West-Central Africa (violence from Boko Haram on communities)
  • Central Asia – Caucasus (the autonomous self proclaimed independent nations)
  • Sinai
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Mali
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Congo
  • Palestine
  • Russia against Georgia, then against Ukraine
  • war against Daech
  • Myanmar
  • Mozambique
  • Colombia
  • Azerbaijan vs. Armenia
  • Artsakh
  • Kashmir (and India vs Pakistan)
  • Ethiopia
  • West Sahara
  • China – India border
  • Ghana
  • China (the genocide against Uighurs)
At the march for Ukraine. February 2022, Strasbourg, France. ©le_chah_errant

As we mention, this is only a list. All these have been under the thumb of empires  and colonization at different periods of History, which means they have fought for themselves many times as much as they fought for existence on their terms.

Four, there is a specific point:

                        They are all civilizations. They are all civilized places.

“Civilized” and “uncivilized” derive from “civilization”. A civilization is an organized society with cultural, political, social, and economic structures. Every civilization  leaves its’ mark on the world. We can all see the proof in every region of the world, as well as in museums. We are alluding to the vast collections in different “world-class museums”, which originated from looted artefacts destined for the West. 

Browsing dictionaries, we find that civilization is “complex” as the National Geographic mentions and “a human society with its own social organization and culture” as per the Collins dictionary. It is not, however, “the process of civilizing” (also the Collins) which underlines that people are not capable of creating for and with their communities as well as the notions of comfort and refinement.

These two notions are different from one civilization to another and are not up for debate by the media. It is not the media’s job to comment on how refined a country is compared to others. It’s no one’s job to comment on what artefacts and culture is worth saving because genocide and violence are occurring as we speak. It’s no one’s job to pit different peoples against each other because they look differently and come from different places. 

We end this piece, knowing full well, we’ve barely scratched the surface. The media has to stop portraying certain events and regions as worthier than others. The same can be said for politicians, who think it’s great fun to compare different countries all the while ignoring their own hypocrisies, hidden in plain sight. No country deserves to be invaded. No one human being chooses to be a refugee. Every people has the complete right to self-determine. Every person residing in a country has every right to be treated the same way as those who are from that country in times of need, such as fleeing conflict, war, and violence.  There should be no debate on any of these.

If you wish to read more, we used Wikipedia to compile the list  but we strongly argue that you do a more thorough search if you wish to further read the facts. Through our general browsing, we found a paper from 2002 through the International Red Cross. Diversify the digest of media today: different countries offer different well done reporting.

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