Receipts, receipts, and more receipts

Receipts, flowing out of this drawer,
spring cleaning, chronological
rangement au rendez-vous 
de l'heure, clean up your
act. Finish the accounts.
Wind raging against glass, remnants
of a storm, long past, follows the sun,
who graced us with his heat.

Hello there, peace. 

No, not yet. as my eyes read
the excesses of my choices,
books, books, books, 
      more books,
      which books? 
choose carefully. choose to escape.
choose to heal......

from a harmless "love", misplaced (? no idea), months of silence past,
a "regards" after well wishes 
for yet another too short trip around the sun
      "miscommunication" ? No. I know what it was
and why.

I still cannot accept

     because I must I must heal
Just now, too early to tell, as
I heard the bombs fell in another corner of the world
yet another...
Interconnected, another trauma to worry about
    as the clouds settle amidst the bubblegum cotton candy colored jumper,
a storm is coming,
words tear across the pages of a soul still cataloguing 
"what?", "which?", "how?", "the desk is now organized", "what book to read next?",
loss. I threw the receipts away. 
I am still not "love", no longer.
I still have correspondence to take care of.
Nuanced scene of events, past, present and future, days of sunshine warmth. February 2022, Strasbourg, France. ©le_chah_errant

You might be wondering why there are so many flowers on here…. it is the easiest character for a photoshoot. That aside, this week, we wrote on the cleaning process, lots of past and present emotions, and, in a subtle fashion, today’s current events, which worry us (and we hope you too). 

Now, if you please, we have to get back to cleaning and the day’s tasks. Stay safe.

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