“We are no fascists!” oh yeah? Prove it.

We come back with our news bits series once more. This time, it comes as a critical specific theme with a twist. Fascists. Let us begin.

1.  It has come to our attention, franchement et scandaleusement d’une certaine manière, that a shallow attempt at democracy and freedom of speech was conducted yesterday en plein centre Strasbourg.

They were 4, all smiles, huddled in an armload of tracts in faveur of a man, who is more atheist than believer in a greater existence. This man, worst of many Zionists, a hypocrite covering the world with insults against History, seems to fancy himself not a fascist (all with narcissistic smiles) in response to comments thrown to the wind.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the news bit direct from Strasbourg. Un fascist qui détruit les pages de l’Histoire et les brûlent ( que ce soit la Révolution, l’antiquité, le Caucase, les régions de la Méditerranée, les Arabes, la Palestine, les protestants, la deuxième guerre mondiale, ou même ses propres origines car pourquoi pas!), transformant même des guerres géo-économiques en guerres de religion aux propos fantasmiques (on vient de créer un mot, certes), n’est que ça: un hypocrite. Il va jusqu’à réclamer des faits qui ne sont que propagande d’extrémisme et mensonges. Ne répétez pas l’Histoire et arrêtez d’insulter les luttes des droits de l’Homme.

2. Continuing in this vein: concerning human rights, it has also transpired recently; an act so despicable and inhumane is about to be committed, if it hasn’t already. 

After 40+ years of instability, violence, conflicts, imperialist meddling, and extremism from all corners of the spectrum, too much trauma weighs on Afghans, whether in the diaspora.

Yet, after the violent disaster, which was the US “pulling out” (though we disagree with that word to describe the rewinding of an invasion) after having invaded and meddled for 20+ years, the unchanged, inhumane, imperialist, fascist US foreign policy struck again. 

$7 billion stolen from the Afghan people is yet another trigger to the long list of triggers many worldwide feel when faced with the US. How much trauma does a people have to endure and live with before their dignity, humanity, and right to exist is to be returned to them and them alone?

In addition, it is a disgusting final confirmation that according to the US and imperialism, nothing in Afghanistan belongs to Afghanistan, merely a puppet show (speaking of government, not people and communities).

The Afghans demand their voice, their country and region without violence against them, and political-social-economic humane freedom. That money is theirs and theirs alone. They did nothing to deserve  the aggressive belligerent behaviour and the accusations laid at their doorstep by the post 9/11 world, fueled by the US and Saudi governments together and separate. Instead, like so many others, they are at the mercy of many different extremist groups of ideologies.

Palestine, another series of events fueled by imperialism against another people. Protest in Strasbourg. May 2021, Strasbourg. ©le_chah_errant

We feel this is unfinished. Our pen ran out of ink. Thank you for tuning in to our news bits. A lot more happened this past week, stay informed if you can and analyse. Don’t forget to critically analyse.


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