Thou Shall Not Kill

Thou shall not kill

and yet here lays yet another
kind, beautiful, wonderful, innocent, civil soul.
Death on the tarmac, they call it
it's death in a blanket in a home
on a couch, where the monsters are not allowed.
not even supposed to be..
Grievances, stupidity, wrongful, emptiness of consciousness aside
Why? Why? WHY?
A human life outweighs another? AGAIN?
A man's hand asking for mercy, mercy, mercy, please, 
                    (it shouldn't even have to come to that)
an armed suspect?

Thou shall not kill
    their preciousness implies day in, day out, 
hell, I
 wonder whether they know the true meaning of those 
Instead, a bullet collides through veins and bone,
no longer will they breathe and laugh and shape
this place they only wish to enliven.
Raise our fists in this land,
which slowly kills us in our sleep
Raise these ingrats out to dry,
thrown in a mass grave they built themselves

No guns. at all. period.
please. when will that finally stick, 
engraved in their skulls? 

Have we not suffered enough?
In mourning. November 2021, dans le Haut Barr, France. ©le_chah_errant

This was written just last night. Unlike an open-ed, it’s verse. Still a reaction in words to the events of the past and current weeks. Another was killed when they shouldn’t have been and still justice has not been served. Here, we’re no activists. We never have. We’re tired, worn out, and disgusted that these acts of violence continue while the work to stem change goes on and yet is rarely acknowledged. We’re not surprised that the streets swell. In fact, swell them more and let them be full and loud until their voice is heard. 

As someone, whom we personally know, reminds those who are the hypocrites demanding pro-guns: thou shall not kill. Have you not realized it yet?

Thank you for reading ❤️ 

Also if you haven’t, read what we wrote in June 2020 and August 2020. Read and understand the news. Support those who are screaming.

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