Candle in the night

Candle in the night, how bright
I seem to remember you from afar,
	in an eons away era, your voice,
So softly speaking, no ahems ever needed

Oui… mmmmm.. oui… non. Pourquoi? Ahhhh. 

A small smile, quickly passing,
Un, deux secondes à repartir avant que ce visage se crispe de nouveau, 
Le regard n’est plus sur moi 
but its’ stare straight ahead… almost counting
Un, deux, trois secondes, le temps d’un 
flash which gets all our attention.

How it disappears as fast as it came, I was always curious,
but not you….. for you it was fear… 
Of what? I will never know…

A candle in the night, how bright
only there pour toi.
Candles in the dark. June 2021, Strasbourg. ©le_chah_errant

Twice in one week, you say?! What? Yes, we know. We love our photography and when it’s candles we go crazy. There are a thousand stories to tell, right? We want to know: what’s your story? 

Enjoy ❤️ till next week!

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