To sleep. Where?


So where to sleep? 

When there’s no couch, no mattress soft enough, no bench in the clouds, no hard sidewalk corrupted enough, where to sleep? The mute cat has a name. No, they will not give it yet. They only ask this question because the tree is too small, the cardboard boxes are not boxes and the heating is off because oh ! Oh! oh… oh… the rain’s not letting up. 

(Funny though, rumours have it the ducks were in huge disagreement in their council yesterday.. the mute cat cannot say.. they were not there. I mean, no one is allowed in on the ducks’ council. I wonder if it were raining then.)

So where to sleep? I’ll tell you, the mute cat suddenly meowls.



On a comfy couch chair (or whatever is there but just make sure it moves) straight in the direction of the sun, in that right spot where the sun beams clash with YOUR vision (yes, yours. Not mine. I’m sleeping.) and I’m in that chair (or thing on wheels which moves) soaking in the sun. Ahh the warmth.

Just remember. Catch them while they last. The rain’s not letting up.

Rain’s not letting up. Beach edition, septembre 2021. Biscarrosse, France. © le_chah_errant

We warned you… our resident mute cat can be loud. When they want to that is. Just wrote this off the top of our heads so give us a shout out on what you think. Warm thanks and enjoy. Also, if you missed out on last week, here it is.

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