The mute cat once wondered
		is silence a virtue?
				or a curse?

He could not, unfortunately,
			say it aloud. It just isn’t possible.
Nevertheless, he wondered. 
		Only to
				and huff and sense

That his whiskers were off. 

Urgh… how dare they!
Black&White, the mute cat. November 2019, New York-New Jersey. @le_chah_errant

Hi all! Good holiday wishes for you! We wait for spring to usher in the new year here so happy new year to those who found some celebratory cheer on 1 January. The mute cat is our housemate. And he is mute. We’ll try to get him more on this platform in coming weeks or months. No promises.

And happy Christmas to those who celebrate today.

Enjoy! ❤️

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