visuals in our paths

In March, we asked “what is light?” “What does it bring?” We all have memories. They’re what makes us each an individual. Tainted with the colouring of our emotions. But light is also a prism. From one angle, we only see what we can see. Only when we turn into another corner or direction do we see another visual. 

What is the photo below? As you can tell, we are constantly asking questions. Sometimes, questioning. It might be the historian in us here but  it is also something else. How far are you willing to go for something? We’re weary and tired and yet even if we are desperately looking for a goal or a destination, we keep turning in circles or squares or whatever shape feels best at the moment. Do we see the same thing? Or is this same thing tinted with a vision of change? 

It can be small. It can be transparent. We’ve seen the dark prisms of light recently so that’s our answer. Light is a visual, which loves to tease us and at the same time, push us. 

On the steps, they found a labyrinth. Of what they are still searching. July 2021. Strasbourg. ©le_chah_errant

Which way, we all have to decide for ourselves. We all have forks in the road. Each direction is a visual. Each visual is your own to decide, even when not given the choice.

This week, as you see, we’re taking a break from the questionnements in French. Enjoy this photo blog.

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