A fool’s errand


It’s that first of the month again, un jour où tout le monde pose le lapin devant la porte fermé mais pas devant.. each day is a fool’s errand and today is no different. Today is the day we were supposed to be fools and joke about it. We played the fools, prank the entire neighborhood and paint it rainbow and tag it with the most ridiculous words. Endearment. A prank war ensued and we all get caught.

Un poisson d’avril pour la fille d’à côté, la petite brunette trop sérieuse. Et figure toi, qu’elle a gardé le petit croquis..

Mais cette année non. Cette année, on a joué les cons pendant si longtemps que la blague n’est plus drôle.

This year, no. We were already fools to begin with. And we played the fools all year and all these months. We thought it funny to point fingers and blame everyone in that corner for our problems. And we pretended it was fine, this isn’t how our country behaves. This isn’t us.

But it is, isn’t it? We hide behind fabric handmade masks and pin our badges of honor on it. Here! Our causes. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. We don’t bite. (But we do hate you. It’s just principle.) Respect. Don’t shoot. But what did we expect? From ourselves?

All too much, actually….

This year, there’s no room for jokes. The joke’s up. It lasted a while and we had a good laugh at some point. In the end, we were fools to think we could. We were fools to believe we could do anything. We were fools because we never really took it seriously. Many of us did and we’re still grieving. We’re still hurting. Because we never laughed to begin with.

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  1. paulkayaian says:

    VERY powerful…excruciatingly honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beachah says:

      Thank you. We live in crazy times, where we’re fighting for what’s right but at the same time, it feels like we’re static still.


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