Dino’s Tea Party… Interrupted!!

BAM!!! went the drum. Wait, there were drums? Why yes!!

The hourglass suddenly was pleased with himself. He was sad though; the drums were him. If only. No, it was a late arrival: the second drummer of the jazz band, who had missed the last bus. Entering the hall, he accidentally stumbled over himself and out charged his drumming equipment.

It was enough. Silence finally came over the hall.

The ladies stared at the intruder. The band stared at him too. Madame Dino was saved from screaming herself sore. Hallelujah! the T-Rex tea club was silent.

They didn’t know what to say.

They were shocked. They were mute.

Marine stared at the spare drummer. She then stared at her mother. Then, she stared at the ladies.

“Well, I can safely say I finally have your attention.”

The ladies nodded. You can say they were still in shock. What else could they do otherwise? Marine smiled at this thought.

“I wanted to surprise you all because, as you know, this is for you. So I asked a few friends. We thought it’d be great to play some of our best music for you.”

She breathed in and then out. No one said a word.

“It’s a gift,” she continued.

Still no word.

Silence. Until –


Loud fanfare! Just in time for a carnival. (Unknown band) Strasbourg, France, March 2016. ©le_chah_errant

What?! Another one?! When does this story end?  That is what you’re thinking right now.  What do you think will happen now? It’s yet another cliffhanger but I find that these little quirks are fabulous. I wrote this story in 2019. At the time, I didn’t think much about these little sentences at the time. However, they make for wonderful breaks in the page.

If you missed the two last episodes start here.

Til next week for the ending. I promise. Cheerio! ❤️

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