A Dino’s Tea Party …. A Surprise Comes.

Jazz. Jazzy. Jazzy all around. The eldest ladies wanted to cover their ears. One of them glanced back at the teapot, nonchalant as always.

“Marine! What are you doing?” Madame Dino cried out to her daughter. Now, it wasn’t just jazz, you understand. It was an art. Musicians, brainpower. Thunder cracking in the air. Not those loud beautiful mountain stomping in the Highlands but another type of stomping. Trumpet playing, drums rolling, even a lone fiddle. As they all kept up a symphony around the saxophone, the trombone shared a look with the swinging cello and stepped forward.

“But Maman, you mentioned you were going to the Rex club.”

“Here, we come bearing gifts, said the cello brightly. She gently stepped forward and extended the chocolates.

Oh, the ladies of the Rex club were baffled! Chocolates? Yes, that was one food missing from the table, but that was hardly the point. One elderly lady, Madame Longneck began to whisper to what looked like her daughter, Madame Little Foot. We can only guess the impatience dripping in her voice.

“What youngsters run around these days.” It went unheard.

Madame Dino looked at the chocolates, then at the cello, and finally at Marine. She sighed, producing a handkerchief to wipe her brow. Then she tentatively turned to the tea party companions.

“Ladies, I don’t think these young people will take no for an answer……..”

“Well, Madame Dino! I much prefer my opera!”

“Madame Dino! Honestly!! My biscuits are not for these people!”

“I have no money and that is final.”

“Absolutely not. Look – the tea is getting cold.”

The hall had erupted in wails, yells, loud voices, and language so unbecoming for these ladies, troused up their so-called Chanel suits. The teapot became very much riled up and cross at those last of those complaints. It was frankly too much. Madame Dino became very much distressed herself.

But she did not know what to do. These ladies never really accepted her as one of them; she was after all, Madame Dino with a daughter “up to no good”. Yet, suddenly –

Ready for it? It’s jazz! JAZZ!! Detail of a guitar. Central Park, NYC, May 2019. ©le_chah_errant

And we are back. Yes, I’m so sorry I promised something else. However, there’s no point in presenting you with an analysis when we have a story to continue. Right? And yes, I left you with a cliffhanger, again.

But what do you think will happen now? The dino women are quite phenomenal but so is Marine. Please tell us. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh and if you read this but not last week’s, you can find it here.

Cheers ! ❤️

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