A dino’s tea party…

Time was a fickle devil. The teapot wonders at this. She has not been solicited yet but the scones were almost out. The ladies of the Rex Club were now too busy munching on their tea sandwiches to realize the pink tutu-clad dino waltzing through just as La Traviatta began playing.

Someone at some point turned the hourglass to its side, for which he was glad. Its surly sands noticed it was a rough hand, who had handled its ancient silver headstone.

“My, my, madame T-Rex! Where is your daughter? Still running around in the wild, I see.”

Madame Dino said nothing but caressed the table cloth and began serving tea. The ladies discovered what they had importantly missed. Madame Dino smiled. Egotism and silence went well until met with a plateful of sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches. The hourglass agreed with her. These ladies knew nothing of time.

If the hourglass could talk, it would be laughing right now.

“Mmmmm, this tea is exotic. Madame Dino, bravo! Grazie.” As if the tea room had always heard such grotesque words. But they all decided to pour some normal tea, munch on cucumber sandwiches, and make toasts to their health under the high ceilings of the threadbare blue tearoom.

Enter Mademoiselle Dino with her friends, bearing chocolates and origami flowers watered down by the thunderous clouds. All of a sudden, silence. One of the ladies pulled up the scratch from the Vinyl. The lights on the domed timbers beckoned the young group forward. And suddenly –


Just GREEN it. St Louis, September 2019. ©le_chah_errant


This is the beginning of a little fiction I wrote in the summer of 2019. The idea comes from a pair of dinosaur toys a little girl brought to a tea party for mothers-and-daughters. It was a Mother’s day event. My friend, and fellow blogger here on WordPress, Maisy @maisydraws,  had another idea: an short illustrated fiction, which you can find here. As much fun as it was to work on it, I am dedicating this to someone, who’s been on my mind all week.

Tune in next week for a little analysis I was supposed to present this week. Personal events overtook me so I am leaving you with the dinosaurs and their little tea party.

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  1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Very nice Béa and quite an original thought. Greetings from Spain,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beachah says:

      Thank you Francisco.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

        My pleasure Béa.

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