Voting in the Major A to F chords

The following is a reaction to an article read. And a very important message.

The shame. The United States is literally the only country in the world to have an election-voting rights system the way it does. Citizens are not computers. Paper ballots are not fraud. And writing is a necessary tool in life but it is not typing.

Also the high levels of discrimination are alarming. Not only racism but also against the overseas community. If a citizen is allowed to vote, if a citizen is registered to vote, then it is more than clear that his/her voice counts. A paper ballot is that right.

And also, the excuses about the signatures. Can we talk about this? Not only do we not learn how to write properly anymore, we are also conditioned to believe that typing is the only correct method of writing. That’s a huge problem when it comes to signatures.

It is not humanly possible to write a signature flourish by flourish, and letter by letter over and over again in the same way. Yes, your signature must be the same. But seriously, have you all EVER used a pen in your lives? Have you? Have you ever written entire papers by pen?

Most ballots are rejected because of systematic racism, methodical selection, and “errors”. Those so-called “errors” are no errors.

It’s the spillover of a broken American mindset that all we are good for is coloring in a round oval blank. It’s the mindset that handwriting is awful. Apparently, it’s the worst invention of mankind.

And to conclude, the United States will never be a democracy until its governing and political narrow-minded bigoted elite understands that citizens have more brains than computers, paper ballots are no fraud, and people (EVERYONE) have a right to live, breathe, decide, speak up, and write, without getting discriminated or killed for those choices. But that day has not come yet, as evidenced by reports and studies and articles on the voters’ rights and elections. We are not computers. And the young have a right to voice their concerns and opinions democratically. And the minority, immigrant, and indigenous communities too.

It’s a bit of long rant but seriously, as we’ve written before on here, there is a huge problem. A democracy involves respect for the citizen and his voice. If only a tiny margin is taken into account then it is not a democracy. Voters rights are being denied. They are being thrown out the window. They have been for a long time. This year, it will happen 100 times more, over and over and over again. The only solution is to scream and pound until they listen. Until the discrimination ends.


There is no other solution.

The article is through here:

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