Cracked mirrors. We are to blame.


Welcome to a bizarre world. Welcome 2020. The vision has worn off. Our tinted glasses were simply confiscated. It seems to be the beginning. Last year, this past decade, these past six months. Does it matter?

Not really.

As I sit here writing comfortably under a roof with a balcony, jazz firing up from up the street, take a right, and all the way in front of the cathedral, I know I’m lucky. To some degree. I’ll try not to rant. And so I’ll try to keep myself in check. However, everything going on right now has a past. We have grievances. We are on edge. I can’t concentrate on a simple job application. My stories lay forgot on paper in my head. We are told so much these days and yet too little. We are confronted with the extremes. We are left with broken societies, all of us. Yet, several of us are on the brink of disaster.

As I say. I am sitting here, windows open on a balcony, jazz firing up, up the street.

Year 2020, what have you done? You problem child. (But you’re not, are you?)

Pandemics bring the worst to the world. They have a History. While the response is never properly managed on time, the damage always comes with a purpose. Change. These days, politicians and citizens alike don’t want change. They never realize what’s good for us or Earth.

First, natural disasters are never quite natural anymore. The Australian brush and the Amazon fires were purposeful destructions. Only goal in sight was to destroy. Not good for any of us, animal or plant.

Second, economic downturn is just simply economic collapse. They are the norm since modern economics were discovered. Translation: economics is risk.

Thirdly, sanctions are also destructive to economics. They are not isolated.

Fourthly, revolutions. A consequence of how far we’ve fallen. Greedy politicians are one. Corrupt greedy politicians are another. Is it no wonder, we’ve had enough? Perhaps it is. We are always faced with a choice. Up until now, we have not risked. We sold. I’m heartbroken at the world. I’m angry that it took this long. I’m sad, I’m hopeful, every other emotions in the book.

We’ve had the power. Now we need to look ourselves in the mirror and admit it. October 2019, New York City. ©le_chah_errant

Are we all right? How are we really? Our governments become greedier, we never speak up until late and then catastrophe. Whether it is a sanction on another country, an airstrike on said country, fires in nature, a pandemic, or internal collapse on the long stretch creating extreme poverty, are we all right with ourselves? Is it guilt? Or is it wonder at the common ground losing common ground because extremes do not want to listen sometimes.

The veil has finally fully lifted. A few revolutions revved up again with the disasters made worse by pandemic 2020. Inflation, police violence, political corruption, society failures. We are gaining our spaces. We are regaining our spaces hopefully. However, are WE really? We are always faced with a choice. Those who are getting “back to normal”, are they “normal”? No. What is coming “back” is smoke-and-mirrors. The usual mirror-and-veil game is still not down. Only a few of us know the world cannot be the same.

This year 2020 is the time to wake up. Did you wake up? If you did, how? Everywhere, no matter what language, no matter what social norms, no matter what geographic point, we are faced with the same question: “How do we change?” “What can we do to change direction?”

We are capable of changing how we think, of holding accountable our traditions and our actions. Our politicians even! We need a catalyst. We’ve had many catalysts. And yet, here we still are. We need to step it up. How do we pressure  our governments to stop supporting certain destructive causes? How do we build safer, better, equal communities? Effort. Effort. Effort. Where is the effort?

We are not the same but different. This bizarre world can be our bizarre world to shape the way it would love us to do. As I say, 2020, what you done, you problem child? Not really a problem, though, are you? The rest is. And as I say, I am lucky to be able to write this with a roof over my head, windows open on a balcony, jazz firing up from up the street.

Not all of us are lucky. We need to make a choice. We should have already done so.

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