A mark on solitude.

I stand on the brink…..


The rest of the sentence does not matter. What matters is where I am. What am I?

This year marks a very weird year. And we all have something to learn. (Yes, we are only halfway there.) Be pro-active, everyone says. Unfortunately, it’s harder done than said. What is happening, perhaps including the US protests, should show what the world needs and what it should come to.


But why?

Excess. Too much of it around. Last month, we published three rants. Last week, we poured our woes on paper. There was enough going on to make our heads spin. As a result, we had enough.

If we break down what is happening to us all, we see that it is shock. Damage. No more control. Solitude is necessary for growth – something not everyone can handle over a long time. Yet, being alone is necessary. We cannot always be surrounded by people. The same can be said for material goods. How many of us can live a life of solitude? I am and it’s not easy. When confronted with the desire for company, or the longing to be loud, it is contrary to the norm. The rants were a nice release. Powerful and true.

This abandoned glass is waiting for a release. New York City, November 2019. ©le_chah_errant

Solitude is much more than a lifestyle. As we said, it is necessary but not only for growth. For many, it is about control. If a community is left alone, it can breathe normally. Also, in cases of violence, it is a safety net for those who need to get out of a violent environment. Most times, this particular environment is destructive. Sometimes, lethal to the point of killing. Solitude in these cases is a savior. A new life. A normal life. It is also, in that case, a way to break of dependence. I know myself to be independent for example. A bit hard to settle down as a result. We all know the signs even unconsciously. Sometimes we all fall for a few of them.

What is dependence, exactly?

Being dependent is being dependent on another for materials, for love and support, for education and nourishment. However, unfortunately, dependence is also a psychological burden. It is toxic. It resembles a chain, sometimes of command, never mutual. It is a dark hole. Never one moment of alone time as the mind is never at peace. And so, solitude, in these cases, is the only way out. Not everyone can all alone. Getting support becomes important. Now, we don’t know much about these situations but we do know about not being in control in dangerous situations.

This year, more than ever, solitude has been at the forefront. Not on the front lines. Violence too. Dependence too. We can be dependent on each other but to a certain limit. Violence occurs when the limit is reached. Solitude, for its part, has many faces. The one needed. The one where it gets too much. The lifestyle. The constraints. It does sound abstract. Perhaps it is.


Perhaps, it is also a problem within our societies. Either they are more violent. Either, they force us to be more dependent on everything or everyone. Lastly, either they make us feel lonelier, make us feel the solitude at deeper levels.


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