“Brexit Past the Deadline”, Get Ready for Level 2

🎶 🎶”But it’s ruining the news every single night.”🎶 🎶

It is. It really really is. It has. It really really has. And now an Irish band turned it into a song. (See below for their “published-on-Youtube” video)

Because really, how else do you want to express every emotion known to humankind about Brexit?  Yes, we’re back with what we hope is a final #Brexitseries post.

It’s over. Really?

Or rather, it’s just the beginning. Of a very long negotiation. (Notice the play of words on the French film title A Very Long Engagement.) The Irish group mentioned above, Foil Arms and Hog, sings about hardships and breaking from the union. What happened was messy. That is a universal fact.



What will happen will be just as messy or perhaps messier still.

Really? Yes, really.

The United Kingdom, otherwise known as Great Britain, officially (finally, unfortunately) left the European Union on 31 January 2020. Its flag was taken down in Brussels with pomp and circumstance. Its government officials in the diplomatic corps wondered aloud: “What now?”

A valid question.

Because we do not have the answer, we leave you with this: it is hard to break off from a union. Very hard. History has shown this is true for the UK. Foil Arms and Hog even make a list of all these “breaking off”, or failures to break it off. Stay tuned till the end of their song. It’s quite hilarious.

On a serious note: yes, it is hard, we repeat fervently. Then again, marriage is a peculiar institution, right? Especially, when one day you wake up and want a divorce.


Just what happens now, though?


What now?


(And because we don’t know, we leave you to comment. Viral infections excluded.)

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