Give up on that

I am very stubborn. But once, I became too tired with a certain activity. So tired and worn out it took a toll on me. I felt like I was dragged into an abyss. I was at my wits’ end.

When facing a problem, you have a decision making process. Sometimes, that can take two seconds. Other times, it can take some deliberation. And then, it can last an eternity. Don’t let it become an eternity.

Why? Simple, it drains you. It certainly drained me. There’s no point in letting something drag on and on. Don’t let it drag on. Ever. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Keep these words. Write them down. Memorize them. Apply them.

A mentor recently told me “Things come to you. Let them come to you. Sometimes you cannot force it.” We’ve seen a lack of restrain in the world today, in politics and in our societies. More often than once. We’ve seen the wars. We’ve lived through them, sometimes barely.

No stepping back or stopping. No stepping back to pause. Today, no one seems to want to do that. And yet, as much as many complain about stress, burn outs, and war, not one of us stopped to pause for a minute. Some of us do. But how often?

So we read the article here and, yes, it has a point.

Quit. Give up. Don’t think. (Yes, it reminds us of a recent piece too.)

But seriously. Even if it’s a burn out at work (which, we believe also happens in the political arena…. in that case, we call it the short fuse), don’t be afraid to consider it. Quit. Give up. Don’t think.

Yes, society loves success, pities those, who aren’t or who don’t. Worse case scénario, society hates failure. We are conditioned in school as soon as we start. But is that right? Is that correct? Should we be told that success is key. Reading and writing are important skills. Becoming independent is necessary, no negotiation. But are those success? No. They’re part of life. So why don’t we learn the meaning of failure and the fact that it will happen? Because childhood is all about success and failures. I tripped over my feet all the time growing up. (I still do sometimes.) Adolescence is the worst at times. What comes afterwards is the toughest perhaps. It’s a time where you are surrounded, ambushed, expected, surprised, and yet terribly lonely as you have to literally pick your way out in the world.

And that’s fine but it is like Herrera’s problem: how do you fit a square peg into a round hole? (We would have abandoned at the beginning or cut the hole into a square.) Fitting in where it is hard to fit in is a struggle. However, sometimes, fitting in is not the solution. The square peg will never fit. So, rather, the solution is just quit. Give up. Don’t think about it, either.

What you need is also balance.

Not only yoga – an equilibrium within you. Be at peace. Find peace. To begin finding this peace, quit. Life is full of problems and people fill it up with more. And that is the problem. Well, trouble likes to find me. I imagine it also happens to others. Or so I guess.

Balance does not stop trouble. You can control it (though I don’t believe it works). Balance out what goes on, what you feel, who you meet, how you organize your life. Balance is taking up an activity, which heals you, forces you to slow down.

Quitting something is not failure. Giving up, even temporarily, is not failure. We need to reverse society’s stance on failure. Behind every success is a long road of rejection and failures. Giving up and quitting are part of that long road.

I gave up during my tiring activity, which took its toll. I simply gave up because I was too tired for anything else. It left me in a semi-dark spot. So I quit. In my case, not the only solution but a necessary one. I quit and concentrated on my writing and some photography instead. I needed that more than anything to get back what I’ve always loved. The simplest actions are the best. Writing is one of mine.

Quitting and giving up are simple too. They make for a good balance if you know what to do. And that is quitting and taking up something you hold dear.

For more good reads on quitting, check the new article collection from 20 January 2020.

Note: The New York Times article we read is from June 2019.



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  1. Nadine says:

    Hey… thank you so much for visiting my blog. I loved this post. I’m in one of these “to quit or not to quit and how much of it to quit” dilemmas right now. (Well, aren’t most of us. ;)) The NYT article was great too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beachah says:

      Thank you! You’re welcome! I was in one a year ago, and currently in the “where am I?” places but it is a circle, isn’t it? Yes, the NYT article is pretty well organized!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadine says:

        It’s a spiral for sure. I keep hoping it’s an upwards one, but sometimes it’s hard to tell along the way. :))

        Liked by 1 person

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