A small sample of the revolution

We want to share this blog post by LinaSays.

In 2019, Lebanon was one of several countries, who saw the beginnings of revolution. Why? Because the world is in chaos, the internal status quo is not good, and the people are fed up with the “downward spiral”. Lebanon, in particular, has a degrading economic situation due to a degrading political landscape. We discussed it here in October 2019.

But we have all seen one common element around the world: women. Women are the force, a rising star in denouncing all the wrongs. Lina writes of her own professional and personal experience in and out of Lebanon. And we agree with what she has to say. So we are sharing her post.

Share the message. Share the demand. Let the media know what’s happening and what’s still going on.

Spread the word.

Thank you Lina. Thank you to all women out there.


I’m sitting in Beirut airport after a whirlwind week. This was a trip delayed several times due to the ongoing revolution, an exciting and historic time for long-overdue change in Lebanon.

If you don’t know, this popular uprisings began on 17 October 2019 with masses taking to the streets to protest government policies, corruption, discrimination, the sectarian system, and everything else that has held Lebanon down for decades.

Lebanon – we are at last awake.

Lebanon – a country that too often looks longingly backwards, glorifying the past. Not the Paris of the Middle East – we are our own beast, a chaotic and charming place, challenging to describe, sometimes difficult to love, but impossible to let go. We have stopped comparing to countries seemingly “superior”. Maybe we finally know who we are.- and what we deserve.

Lebanon is at last awake – and staying awake.

Women have been on…

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