On my rock…

A story about two kittens sitting quietly.


Mountain rock was a little cold. I wanted to nap. I was determined. We had chased a ghost mouse yesterday and I was now exhausted.

We sat quietly in a deserted alley carved in the rock. We lounged undisturbed. Cub lay abandoned. Smaller than me, he kept an eye out, eye open, eye closed.

I was on the edge. Content with my big rock. I was proud of my rock. I had my kingdom laid bare before me. Cub can just follow if he wants. One eye open. One eye closed. The mark of a strong powerful cat.

I was the big cat. Nothing could stop me.

… … … …

On my rock.. two kittens lounging in Lebanon’s mountains. December 2018 ©le_chah_errant


Until a screaming little banshee ran through the alley between Cub and me.

Disgruntled I stared at the flash, which had stared back at me for the past few minutes.

“Calme! Calme!” a shout came from behind the flash. The little banshee stared back, grinning, laughing.

I heard the chuckle and arched my shoulders back.

One eye open. One eye closed. This is MY alley. MY kingdom. And MY rock. No, you know what, let’s move. I look around me.

Cub already ran off. Argh why? Yep, I have to move. Good bye rock.





#100words ©BéaChahine

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