Trump and the Diplomacy Catastrophe

We originally wanted to discuss the Mueller investigation but that was months ago and we never sat down to write properly about it.

So now another circus arrived and we’re interested to see how it plays out. Believe us when we say that no one hates Trump more than the intelligence community.

It is interesting, though. They only come forward now. Perhaps, it was a matter of intelligence gathering on the subject. After all, the world was warned about the consequences back in 2016. Foreign policy is not simply about shaking hands. It revolves around dangerous decision making, strategy, and not blowing up other countries.

But back to the current circus playing in Washington, D.C. It sounds like a loud marching band we hear from halfway across the world before it comes to land at our feet.

However, what is it? How did it get here?

  1. Trump and his administration demanded that Ukraine conduct an investigation on former Vice President Joseph Biden. In a show of brutality and use of force, the US blocked an incoming of defense and monetary aid destined for Ukraine. That is, if the investigation did not happen. When found out, this demand became a scandal, a diplomatic horror, and, in Washington, D.C., what we are calling a veritable circus.
  2. The Mueller investigation began right at the beginning of the presidential term in 2016. The White House put in place too many obstacles, leading the procedure to last long and become costlier. When it finished and the report was released, William Barr made the most controversial public declaration, which led to a congressional hearing. Mueller’s “real” conclusions were revealed: Russia had indeed meddled with the 2016 elections. No, these conclusions did not have loopholes.
  3. The president’s behavior on the international stage is questionable even for a plain civilian. North Korea, the “trade wars” with China, the sanctions on Iran, his personal jealousy with French president Macron (14 July marks the occasion for a big military parade in Paris), his comments about Egypt’s Al-Sisi being his “favorite dictator”, and his behavior at tables, conferences, and World War commemorations are several examples of the man being rude in public.
  4. Let’s not forget his serf-like attitude with the Saudis. Gold is only there to run out but no rich, snobbish, arrogant person remembers that.
  5. The phone calls and “private” moments show a man worse than a mafia boss. Threats, bullying, and comments, which have no place in a normal dining room, also have no place at the United Nations offices or an informal diplomatic meeting. They have no place in diplomacy. There was a time in history where one got shot or disgraced from court for these actions. Lucky are those today.
  6. Repercussions are not only in the U.S. Ukraine has ruined itself: the EU has supported the country against Russia since 2014.  So far, we know that Australia, Poland, and China were asked to dig up information too. For Ukraine, there is a larger problem: Russia wanted to isolate the country from the EU, a to-do on its foreign policy agenda. Whatever nasty comments were said about European leaders, they alienate and expose Ukraine long term to another wave of belligerent control.

    Clearly someone wants this to happen: “Poetry” “Happy New Year 2019”. Paris, February 2019. ©le_chah_errant
  7. By now, the whistle blower has backed by a second whistle blower. They are both from the intelligence community, which bodes a harsh omen. Trust us.
  8. Rudy Giuliani orchestrated the Ukraine situation as part of a personal battle against Former Vice President Joseph Biden. We have fallen through the looking glass. It all sounds like a kindergarten playground squabble. Enough said.
  9. The House investigation on the Ukraine demands began and quickly became a huge deal. Calls to diplomats were sent out. The White House ordered diplomats to keep quiet. They did not listen. The former US ambassador to Ukraine came to testify. The US ambassador to the EU testified and gave valuable information against the Trump administration. The plot thickens.
  10. As if the Ukraine blow-up was not enough, Trump recalled troops based in Syria. When that happened, Turkey moved in quicker than you can finish saying “Wait, what?” Turkish border towns also got touched by the conflict. Northern Syria is now up in flames. The Kurdish were forced in alliance with President al Assad and then began to flee. Russia’s dream has come true, which is a very bad omen for the Middle East. As we wrote last week, it will continue until the international community acts on 1. its consciousness  and 2. its promises made in the human rights and genocide conventions. That includes its behavior with Turkey, first and foremost. The problem is that Turkey will not stop. Its troops moved fast into Syria. So fast, it created another genocide and another wave of “fleeing to the hills”. Forget the new “ceasefire”; knowing Erdogan’s agenda, it won’t last. Despite its good intentions, the NATO-Turkey joint speech on 11 October was somewhat uncomfortable to hear (1). NATO’s goal is security. Silence against terrorism or genocide is hardly good security. Because silent is what Turkey has been doing since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.
  11. US diplomacy has officially died (2). It has officially ended. The UN lost its last chance several years ago in Syria. Europe officially has its chance to step up the mark. Now, though, after almost four years of Trump, four years of questions on Russian interference and the validity of 2016, four years of impeachable behavior, and four years of the country’s self destruction, it is over.

This might be a good thing. Not many run after US approval though so many seek partnership and and collaboration. This might be the moment where we are seeing everything under another light. We’re talking of course about this circus. It is about time the US sees sense and gets on with it. Forget world dominance please. There is a constitution. Well, get back into it. At the end of the day, when we need to fix a country, we need to fix it. The US needs some heavy fixing. The world can wait. We need to get to pronto!

Pronto! To the breach!

(1) For more on the NATO-Turkey joint speech:

(2) See Foreign Affairs article William J. Burns’ “The Demolition of US Diplomacy”, published 14 October 2019

**** All sources from New York Times – US News

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