Yet again, the Middle East chases its shadow… by way of another genocide.

There’s another genocide beginning and the perpetrator is the same as 104 years ago.

Don’t guess which one. You know which one. Here’s a clue of what happened in 1915.

Genocide Commemoration
Commemorative image for the 101th commemoration of the 1915 genocide denouncing the genocide in the Middle East in 2016. Source unknown, Artist unknown.

Now you know.

As Turkey advances into Syria, its troops are blowing up its border towns. Many living in these places are either Kurdish, Christian communities (Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Syriac), and other ethnic minorities. Across the border into Syria is a similar situation.

Turkey will deny it just as it is still denying the 1915 genocide. The twisted reasoning will be the same. “That wasn’t us” they say and they will say.

Daech never denied. However, they did worse or just as bad as the Turkish government. They bragged. They gloated. Those actions are as horrible as denial. Why? In the end, the consequences are the same. The act of belligerence is the same. That’s why.

It is genocide. Genocide was, is, and shall remain defined as a massacre of a certain particular group of individuals because of their religion, ethnicity, culture, or social position.

Remember that there is not only this new genocide going on. The entire Syrian war is a genocide. What happened in Iraq since 2014 is genocide. Even the Gaza conflict is considered a form of genocide. It has been one genocide after another and for some reason, it continues. It will not end until the Middle East is made to understand that it cannot keep going on like this. It cannot chase its own shadow of doom any longer.

What exactly is this shadow of doom? It is coexistence, self-hate (or self indulgence), jealousy, maniac control, nepotism, self-absorption, méfiance, suspicion, deep inequalities. Bref, every emotion in the book existing since the Romans and Greeks fought over Carthage. Genocide is the result of jealousy and misplaced méfiance. Turkey’s belligerence results from unrealistic nostalgia and false historical pretenses. These two elements create a disastrous recipe: the consequences are genocides like 1915 or the political extremes rising worldwide.

As Turkey continues to repeat history and destroying itself inside out, remember that no one officially stepped forward the last times. This time around, during the past few years, entities like the EU pandered to Turkey. They did not say anything against each of Turkey’s belligerent actions (for example the coup d’État, the migrant routes through Greece, or the ghastly treatment of refugees inside Turkish borders sometimes). The media spoke up but that is never enough. Policy changes are necessary. Be there for those, who are victims and survivors of genocide. All of them. Pandering to Turkey, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, avoiding direct eye contact with Russia are exactly the same! Disasters for all societies!

How many other disasters do we have to observe before the international community fully understands when to stand by the right people at the right moments? The Genocide Convention is not simply a piece of paper. It is exists for a reason: to avoid genocide happening again.

Because, in the end, genocide is genocide. Genocide is massacre. Even Mr. Morgenthau, in not so many words and not with those words, said so.



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