Boris, the abyss, and an island.

Boris Johnson, democracy, and the ghost of Brexit future.

It is quite fitting though Charles Dickens created a better scénario. Even with the recent, or bombastic, developments in the GB parliament, it remains the same endpoint. What should we begin with?

1. How the man became prime minister of a country on the verge of collapse? (You might disagree.)

2. Or how much damage could the closing or blocking of Parliament have done or can do? Guess, now we’ll never know. Maybe.. Again up to you.

3. Then again, what will happen on 31 October? We know.

Maybe……… ………… utter chaos. Utter collapse.


Break up of the island – still an option for Scottish independence. We imagine they’re preparing for battle just this minute. NO. JOKE. (Insert the lol emoji.)

‘But wait! What the hell is going on?’ you ask. All right, should we recap?

On 24 July 2019, Theresa May resigns after barely three years at the post. (We checked.) Boris Johnson came up first in party politics (we really still don’t understand how the Brits cope with an archaic system but there you have it) and said he’s the best (the Gospel according to Boris). He then got the post. We thought for a minute the Queen would say “No!” (Imagine?) but she said yes (… or else).

Problem is … that is when it got crazier. He declared that 31 October would be THE ‘GB independence’ day. (Since when are we all independent in our choices?) He made it sound like the country will once again dominate the world. (Mwuhahahahahaha. Insert GIF.)

Of course, there’s a tiny little problem with that. Great Britain is an island; an island and a quarter to be exact.

How does Johnson answer? No matter. We’ll kick everyone out on the day.

And how are you all going to do that? We add, especially after Parliament rejected his “Suspension” orders and other suggestions.

Is this what #Brexit feels like? Street art near Chinatown, London. March2019©le_chah_errant

We should probably mention that Halloween is on 31 October. The official and proper name is “Hallow’s Eve”, a name, which became corrupted over time. Yes, even names are corrupted but we are getting off topic. The next day is the day the dead, which means? Something very bad. Or hilarious (no, no, no, that is just mean of us).

But has anyone told the Brexiters the story behind 31 October? Ooooooooooooooooh wooooooowoooooo. The dead will come to meet you at midnight. Woooowooooooo. They should be scared.

On the other hand, like most people would, they’d probably laugh.

Parliament reopened itself (obviously). Boris still wants to suspend Westminster.

If it does close, if it had closed, how are you supposed to react as a representative of the people? How would you keep the debate going? Well, the Brits know style. They know how to go out with a bang.

Not literally and not only in fashion. These past few years told us that, what with the demonstrations in June 2018 and those this past year. Of course, we can always mention the recent demonstrations after Johnson’s suspension orders were signed. And lo! and behold! politicians narrowly rejected that “offer”.

We’ve counted quite a number of eccentrics à la britannique within those crowds. We’ve also counted a fair few European superheroes from the photojournalism we’ve seen. British Members of Parliament (no no no call them MPs) put up a huge fight for #democracy (yes, no, we are kind of moving into the real world). They came to Westminster anyways. Brilliant, no? And, they will keep coming to Westminster until this entire debacle is over. They will keep coming until Johnson either leaves or changes his mind (our money is on the first).

When it is over, what happens?

But then, is it really ever over?

Is it ever?

Is it?




Ps: For more serious reading and analysis check CSIS.


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