To the Elderly: WE will NOT toast to you.

We’ve all heard it: We’re lazy.

We want everything for free.

We are entitled. We’re going to bring down society with our “live rich” style.

We are the youth. We are the millennials. And yet, we live poorly.

We are in debt.

We have a hard time finding jobs (those of us, who are human and creative, not robotic).

This is the world today. Worse in Western countries, more specifically, this is the US. Welcome to a childhood of having seen administrations lead us through wars, which brought more ruin than anything else on us. Welcome to a childhood of having seen efforts to better domestic life shot down.

The worst? It’s happening again these days. And another chip of the climb to a better society being chipped off. FDR must be turning and twisting in his sleep with nightmares.

Here’s the thing: there will always be an older generation to scold us, a younger generation to look up to us in awe and shock. But, even to the most moderate or conservative of us: don’t you think enough is enough?

No other youth generation is more in debt in the world. No other youth generation has the right to complain about such high costs in the ‘Western world”.

Yes, the rent is high everywhere.

“Get over it”, belted out Eagles in the ’80s.

But to the old white Americans, excuse the language, don’t you realize that we will never have the life you lead? From good retirement to Medicare/Medicaid, they get the better deal. Don’t you think it’s not normal that the 1% don’t pay high taxes like they should? Do you think $40,000 or even $75,000 (yes, we’re serious) for college/university tuition is normal?

You say we need competition. We say “what?” What about healthcare for all? Is our health a subject of business? We think not.

It’s not that we want everything for free. It’s just that, out of every democratic society out there, the US is the largest one.

It is also the worst. Whether in healthcare, in civic rights, in democratic upholding, equal opportunities for all of us, infrastructure, and gun violence (oh why hello there … again… and… again).

You call it the extreme left. What is the “extreme left”? Throughout the world, ask anywhere. You’ll get the same answer: communism. So, when discussing US leftist politics of today, are you really talking about communism? Do we have to face another “red scare” because of your hypocrisy and ignorance?

What we have is not the crazy left.

It’s the real left.

You also say it is the law. (Yes, once again, we’ve been talking to that same acquaintance). We’re not saying we’re not going to comply with the law. We’re just voicing our opinion: we don’t like it. Would you say the same if it were about guns? “Oh but the law states ‘right to own guns’ so you can’t say you’re against it” the storyline can go. Seriously? You would react like that? If we’re against something, it’s our right to speak up.

Or would you have us thrown into a torture chamber?

Or would you react otherwise? It is, after all, your little bit of fun: always pointing the finger at the youth when everything goes awry.

However, I ponder simply on this:

Don’t you think it’s weird that not many of us have had a genius breakthrough?

Your generation had an excess of them.

Or have you forgot that too?




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