A Love Letter to you Europe

Happy birthday Europe! (with a day late maybe)

69 years ago, you were conceived as a modern concept of the world, as a new Europe, one, which would not fall so easily to conflict and hate.

But in 17 days, you’re changing hands: the EU elections happen the weekend of 23-26 May. Change is in the winds. Or is it? With the Spitzkadidaten process, change is also hopefully coming to the Commission at last. However, Europe, you’re not perfect.

Far from it actually…

Past the migration question, the Brexit dilemma, the € financial “scares” (the currency is reportedly too strong for the liking of many), you are in the the midst of a bigger crisis: you are losing yourself. Your security has never been this fragile since the end of WWII. Your society has never been this agitated (bar the craze behind May ’68 because it was a rite of passage). Your politicians, excuse the insult, have never been this stupid or so disconnected to us. They are so disconnected to European society, it is detrimental to our health. More to the point, your public health.

In a city with a Eurométropole title but no European events, the flag of Europe was flown on occasion. #RaiseTheColors

So on your birthday, Europe, here are a few important tasks to be done.

First, open the Parliament more. Not just its doors but make it larger than life. Move it permanently to Strasbourg. Make it into what a parliament embodies: the peoples represented 100%. You won’t regret it. Neither will we.

Second, security. EEAS vice director recently denied its existence at a conference in New York: there will never be an EU Army, according to him. And Europol is getting changes, according to him too. That’s it? No other word on what Europe has in mind for a security-and-defense strategy. How do we project ourselves as an entity if we cannot even explain ourselves to the world? That army does not have to be traditional but if an Euromilitary base exists in Strasbourg, then a coherent leadership has to exist as well. There’s already several existing entities, which take care of organizing operations and R&D activities. Is it enough to say that each EU member statehas an army section reserved for NATO? What about the EU? That section, if created, can be in charge of relations with NATO.

Europe does not need changes. It needs to be a policing-and-analysis task force. Not simply a police force, but a veritable policing R&D entity in the crime sector. Good for you, Europe, for finally opening up a common database for police investigations and crime tracking throughout you. But Europe, you are gigantic. Your size will be your demise if you are not careful just like it was for every empire reigning on your shores.

Third, more important than security is civics education. Forget civil society; that concept is out of touch these days. Civic education has to be taken more seriously, be more present. That includes you, Europe. We don’t know you as we should. We certainly need to know you.

We are your past, your present, and your future.

We don’t mind your investments in other corners of the world. We don’t mind your Neighborhood policy even, though we’re not quite sure why you keep expanding it all in the name of democracy and free trade.

We hear your speeches. We hear about your summits, your declarations, your events, your legislations, and almost everything else at the “top of the hierarchy”. However, as every generation passes, you are becoming more extremist, more nationalist, and more “nostalgic”, ortherwise known as the three key ideologies, which led to #Brexit. Why is history being pushed to the side in favor of mathematics, chemistry, biology, coding, and data analysis?

If we are to be citizens of our country and Europe then we have to know you and everything about you. We especially have to know how we are related. It cannot simply be about JEFers and their “Europe at School” program (acclaimed by the EU institutions). As well-organized and well received as it is, it is not enough. The US is currently having a civics crisis and, as such, is the midst of a democracy deficientcy and a constitutional crisis long-awaited but avoidable.

Europe, do you seriously want to do the same or can you learn from history and past centuries?


Happy #EuropeDay to you Europe.

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