Are You Spiritual?

Heyyy!!! We’re back!!

We haven’t been around for a while with the photo blogs.. We are truly sorry for this.

So this week is a special week: Holy Week for the Christians and soon, Passover for the Jewish community.

Don’t worry, this is not religious but spiritual symbolism is all around us. The structures also surround us everywhere.

Rather, it is essentially about that: what environment do we live in? Socially, culturally, religiously? There is art. There is nature. There are people, communities, food.


Abandonment in the wilderness. Sushi, Artsakh. ©le_chah_errant

Abandonment and the wilderness. Two elements, who are associated not only to the Bible (John the Baptist in the desert comes to mind) but also to meditation, one of the cornerstones of prayer in spiritual life and time spans such as Lent (in Christianity).

We need these in our lives no matter who we are, what we are, where we are. It is not about purity of mind but about confidence and self-trust. Life is a journey so is spirituality.

Tell us what you do! And tell us how you see these.


#TogetherAlone #AbandonMeNot

Ps.. Shoutout to @LavashLife, to whom we sent this photo for his blog piece on Artsakh.

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