Notes from a London winter picture

We talked about making a #Brexit series in our experiences piece on the UK last month. Here is a creative view of what London looks like from the writer’s view from January 2018:

“Big city. Small streets. A museum, which has taken much from faraway lands. Retribution? Not enough. Complaints? Many. Apologies? Does it even exist in this age?

Men think they can beat the skies, that money is everything. They are desperate when they lose everything. Listen here. It might be God’s hand. It might be because you need a fresh start. Men think they can beat Fate. But Fate is too smart for hoodwinking.

Guilt is also a tricky thing: we need to feel it. We have no choice. A man walking down the street begging, hungry, “Help!” but you cannot. A lie is too powerful to be  ignored but what of true intention? I could not help you but I hope that you find not only food but solace. The price was high. I am afraid for you. I am guilty of not lending you a hand when you needed it the most. A choice is a choice. It makes us who we are. The least I did was not being crude and rough. I rarely forgive but I hope you can forgive me. I also have no home and also not much to give. I am afraid I could not help you today.

Men think riches are everything but every meeting has a significance. Down the road, they all matter.

Brexit was an eye opener for far too many… now some regret it. Others have lost a lot along the way. Many others still are convinced it is the right way to go. Everyone, though, has a story. Everyone has that story of meeting someone else, everyone else.

Dreary winter day on the Southwark Thames walkway ©le_chah_errant

That was ours. What’s yours?

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