The Flower’s Design on Us

Liberty London, famous for its fabrics and flowers. We love both. We are obsessed with both.

But flower displays are a message unto themselves. They symbolize beauty, simplicity and a marketing package all together. Flowers are a lure. JK Rowling criticized it in a way in her books: Petunia Dursley was all about keeping a fully equipped flower garden and we all know what Harry Potter’s aunt was like. She seemed to only be interested in appearances. There was nothing in her countenance (or her garden), which suggested her flowers meant more than luring people in.

Flowers are symbolic plants but they are also weapons. They are placed in strategic places or presented in certain circumstances, where we have choices to make. This is strategy and power; we can wonder how much of what we do and who we are is affected by beautiful displays.

May flower displays on ladder at Liberty London. The “huge” sidewalk displays regularly attract tourists, Instagram bloggers, locals, and consumers. ©le_chah_errant

Why do we put so much emphasis on beauty to make our choices? Do flowers have to be a strategy or can they just be what they are supposed to be: plants?

What do you think?

#marketingstrategy #appearenceisbeauty #LibertyLondon


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