The Weird and Wonderous “Seaweed”

The sea sometimes lives above water. As we live in a world where climate change IS real, what does it take for us to realize that maybe the Earth also listens to karma: what comes around goes around. The sea takes back what’s hers. Talk about #ClimateChange for example. Weird things going on, right?

These flowers are like that.  Like humanity, nature is diversity. We have to live with it, respect it and understand it. The weirder it becomes, the more exotic. For that, you don’t need paradise or the South Asian (what most people in the West call exotic, we don’t know why…). All you need is attention to the little things. Seriously, what would you do if there was no quirkiness in the world?

Quirky? Yellow seaweed we call this. Though we know not the true name, it reminds us of what diversity is. ©le_chah_errant

Tell us what you would do.

#MissTheWeirdStuff #LoveQuirky

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