Be a voice – Treatise on our broken society


Why quote literary works? Make your own. Creativity is a dream but it is also the genius of humanity. What point is there in copying another man’s work to inspire yourself when you can create imagine your own? They may turn in their graves far beneath the hard ground’s surface.

You might say but the architecture! And what about the architecture? What about the infrastructure too? They are in deep need of revolution (if you think cement and democracy work well together, you might not like this) and well, deserve better. No need for reform; that time is long gone, flung like ashes to the wind. Revolution is needed, again. It broke the world in 1789 or do you not remember. The world thought it had a revolution in the 1960’s. Instead, it transformed our society into that, which we know, live, and breathe. A success really? Arghhhh so today’s teenagers are screaming against the system. But so did yesterday’s and tomorrow’s. The infrastructure is defective. It is defected. It is a defect, a major one at that.   

So instead of concentrating on the virtual, go out, slam together as many and as much as you can gather. Call that person. Tell someone to meet. Write a pamphlet. Not a dissertation. There are too many of those and they clog our society because they offer only hypotheses or theses about ideas most of the time and not much else, which naturally leads nowhere. Never listen to a scholar who never sees light and heavens. His ideas have gone over his head. He also seems to think that he is always better than the rest of the world, which sounds awfully arrogant or downright insulting. A box is not a box and a circle is a triangle. The black hole is never ending and limitless. He has forgot that and everyone else has forgot that. 

If we do not get involved in civics, how do we expect to move forward or  move at all? Those who call themselves globe trekkers, why do they do it? The thrill? The bragging rights? Surely, something good comes out, right? But no! They think they are superior and are better because they have seen the world. 

Yet, they’ve only seen it. 

Understand where you go. You are not a tourist but a citizen. The problems are not always the same and yet they are all similar. Pollution, governments who are more interested in nothingness, economic interests considered more important than the people, resources and money, extremism, arms control, war, drugs.. the list goes on. And yet the international community does nothing. Our statesmen do nothing. Our countries do nothing. We do nothing. Caught up with us? No?  

Let me be clear. Without individual creativity, we are nothing. The Renaissance may have been the “rediscovery of the true world” but without the individual opinions clashing, beginning where the ancient world had left off, we would be nothing. 

So why are we still here? We are not moving mountains but small ant hills. Where is the inventor? Where is the revolutionary artist? Where is the philosopher who desires to crack down on society as it is organized? Where is the youth, who decides it is time to run with a program never seen before, one of overhaul? Where is the citizen too disgruntled by today’s world to be happy about it? 

At least, he exists. Do not be influenced but influence. Bring drama to the stage please. Throw up a wall of revolution and citizens to march in order to move the world, moved society, move the political class. One must fall correctly to stand back up again the right way.

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