Noël, Christmas: Commercial, Bright Lights, or Joy?

At this time of year, there are a lot of insults going around because of politics, state interests, and plain arrogance in the face of modesty. There is another problem… is just me or has the war on Christmas decorations reared its head again? Well, clearly, we are not a fan of this war and to top it all off, there are possibly a few places left, where Christmas is not subjected to war and insults.

The commercial aspect of Christmas is unbearable. The decorations in many places reflect this commercial giant monster: no holly, no Nativity scenes, no multiple blasts of multiple colors, no reds and greens mixed with royal blue and golds, no evergreens. In many places North, the snow has even stopped falling and sticking several inches high. In the Middle East, conflict and diplomatic- Cold-War atmosphere, Christmas has always been a quiet affair compared to Easter because of importance and priority, but the Christian community always found a way to make it important with decorations on city squares and streets, and public places in certain States, where it is allowed.

There is a place, which we already presented a couple years ago, where commercial, war on Christmas decorations, the pure Christmas joy, and beautiful multi-dimensional decorations meet: Alsace and its capital Strasbourg. We tried our hand once at photographing the scenes but the lighting never seemed to work with the camera and then we were gone. So, in this period of heartbreak and homesickness, we gathered a few serious and professionally-made presentations of the best region for Christmas.


©NYTimes, live video 18 December 2017 – Both videos Part 1 and Part 2 viewed and found on the Facebook page of the New York Times.

The New York Times journalist Daphné Anglès went to Strasbourg to meet up with Alsatian author Philippe Wendling.

©NYTimes, live video 18 December 2017

And then this…

      ©Bruno Maltor, Votre Tour du Monde via Pokaa (retrouvé sur Facebook) et via               Youtube, page de Bruno Maltor, mise en ligne 18 Décembre 2017. (Note: in French)

A French globe trekker video-blogger, Bruno Maltor, who is present on social media, did a “vlog” on Alsatian Christmas and several of its tourism spots. The finished work was shared through social media, including Youtube, by him, his project, Votre Tour du Monde, and Pokaa, a little blog-online-newspaper, which entirely focuses on Strasbourg news, info, travel guide, or opportunities to laugh. Consider this our take at PR.

Strasbourg, as the “vlogs” mention in addition to every travel guide known to man, is the oldest Christmas market of Europe. Fun fact: this year, probably due to the extravagance of its commercialism, its market is no longer the best in Europe but is further down the list of the best according to European voices and international voices. Colmar’s Christmas market (Southern Alsace) is the 2nd best market in Europe. So another war of Christmas decorations but on the level of inter-city competition… another type of war. We’ve come full circle.

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