An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor

Not the usual post I write but if there’s one issue, which needs to be discussed in this day and age vis-à-vis the United States, democracy, and our society, including the conversation around religion and human rights, it is this one. I talked about Middle Eastern Christians a while back because I am conducting a huge research project on the Protestant community, its networks and, essentially, its Middle Eastern community. The American Evangelical community is exactly  the branch of Christianity, which, and I know some of you are probably going to scream, is the least Christian. Why? Because of the issues they never fight for: human rights, the fight to help the other Christian communities, who need help and demand it, the fight to come in aid to the Other, whoever he or she may be, and our support to those in need, such as the homeless for example. All this, not out of greed and arrogance, but out of selflessness. To Peter, the pastor, who wrote this letter: thank you. A beautiful thought-provoking letter.

Peter's Outer Cape Portico

Dear Frank

Can I call you Frank? This is just pastor to pastor. Feel free to call me Peter. Anyway, I have to say I was flattered when I learned that your Decision America Tour took a detour off the beaten path to call upon us “small community churches.” We are nothing if not small. We seat 30-40 on a good Sunday. And we are a century old fixture of our small community. Most often we are overlooked and overshadowed by mega-churches and politically influential religious voices like your own. We don’t hold a candle to an auditorium filled with the music of a one hundred voice choir led by professional musicians. We probably will never be recognized in any nationally syndicated media. After all, we don’t do anything really “newsworthy.” We just preach the good news of Jesus Christ; love one another the best we can (which sometimes isn’t…

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