The violence of which we speak not


On 1 July, I was reading Le Monde, when one article hidden inside the pages drew my attention. It was about an attack in a Lebanese village up north or close to the border. Saturday, I see the headline in The Guardian on how Daech’s activities in Iraq become more violent by the second but no one discusses the matter.

It is essential to remember that Europe or the rest of the “Western world” is not the first victim. The Middle East is. When I read the article of 1 July, I had to stop and think. This is my reaction to the unfortunate events.

“I might not know the language. I might not have the nationality. But through my father, Lebanon is a part of me. While you may pray for Istanbul or Brussels, I pray for the whole of Lebanon. And then, I pray for the whole Middle East. The war raging in Syria enters daily Lebanon, a country still at war with itself. Say what you want but the 1975 civil war still rages from Beirut to Tripoli to the Northern border to the East.

In a country where corrupt democracy  meets social rebellion fighting not for another system but for justice, democratic justice, social and political justice. There is laughter, happiness, anger, tragedy and fear wrapped all in a colorful candy wrapper.

The fight’s not over. The war is not over. It’s never been over. But we need to unite against this terrible force, which wants to divide us. Do not bend to provocation. Provocation is our stereotype identity. Don’t be provoked. Be proactive to unity. #PrayFortheMiddleEast #PrayForLebanon ”


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