“Car-scans”: What??


A few weeks ago, an acquaintance posted a small trinket on LinkedIn Pulse post the March events in Brussels: a bit of e-marketing, which no political analyst or journalist accepts without a response. Here was the response to this small trinket, a copy before it was forced to be deleted:

Many years and much experience have taught authorities around the world, national as well as international, that terrorists get through EVERYTHING and manage to find every loophole no politician is able to notice. So car scans? Time, finances, money laundering, fear, and playing with that fear, take on all consuming aspects of an unnecessary project. If we equip airports with this so-called marketing idea, are we not playing in the hands of those same terrorists, whose goal is to destroy world civilization as it exists since over 3,000 years and further.

Trust Donald Trump to hear of this “car-scans” idea and transform it into a national interior security necessity in the name of “Make America Great Again”. The reader might want to question when America ever was great in the first place.. If the plan to make a nation great is to isolate it behind walls and high-tech security measures, what is the definition of “free” and “freedom”? What is the definition of “democracy”? They all disappear in the thin polluted air we breathe, if they have not already.

What happened in Brussels is tragic but the taxi driver should have acted immediately, as fast as he could, by calling the police to inform them of the strange smell in his car. What’s further is this: we have enough security. Too much of one thing has horrible consequences longterm. Too much security is also too much government spending. Where are governments going to find that money? For the “car scans” idea, there are too many disappointments in tow. Oh! no offense to the businessmen who make a living out of selling scanning machinery but a reality check is necessary, especially in this 2014-2018 political timeframe, during which many elections are taking place worldwide.

Therefore, these car scans are out of the question. Too much security, an excess of money down the drain to build these contraptions, and a timespan, on which I’d rather not ponder. The point is we all know that the money is taxpayers’ money, wherever in the world those taxpayers (and airports) exist, which is everywhere worldwide. For a fact, no one wants to pay taxes for such a purpose, which is not going to work. No government in its right mind is going to accept this business venture anyways. It is, on all fronts, an  impractical devise, which only serves one goal: that of more chaos. Essentially, no airport in its right mind shall accept this so-called absurd challenge either.

No, the most important piece of business, political, economic or otherwise is the last element any ordinary citizen would think of : intelligence. Yes, the elusive “secret services agency” issue is back on the table. Rendez-vous next time on The Teapot and the Postbox.




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