The Decline of American politics?

There is a decline of American politics… scratch that there’s a decline in politics all around the world.

But let’s talk of this primary debacle. Yes, the one, which precedes what is normally called an election. At the moment it sounds like a dangerous joke. The GOP circus continues, reaching greater proportions than before, if Palin’s endorsement gives it away. The fight for Iowa seeps all energy to the point, where several NJ citizens are lamenting there dear governor’s absence. Cruz and Rubio are trying to compete one versus the other, making sure they’ve secured second place since Trump’s leading the polls even now, making many of us wonder: what … has happened? Still no answer to that query…

The Democratic camp ultimately small compared to the rowdy GOP but nonetheless is moving crowds and the country: three candidates, several slogans and the famous question Do you feel the Bern? with Sanders, Clinton and Martin O’Malley. A reminder of the facts: Sanders, known for his radical socialism, garners most support from the young voters and social media while the other two rely on their past posts’ achievements and stances (Clinton as Secretary of State; O’Malley as mayor of Baltimore then governor of Maryland). Each seems to know what he or she is doing and thinking, faults or not, although Sanders’ character and plans have been tested through and through on the trail.

However, all that is not the point. The point is to determine the dangers of this election. Obama mentioned this 2016 election run during his last State of the Union a couple weeks ago, albeit a subtle line on the dangers of the campaigns. The GOP is heavily divided and, despite Paul Ryan’s efforts as the new Speaker of the House, finds itself more and more a danger to itself, society, Congress and the nation as a whole. At least, Ryan has been openly clear that the political party is more of an out-of control merry-go-round than anything else.

Journalists are feeling the strain and impatience by far during several debates in 2015: the stress coupled with said hopefuls’ open arrogance was too much: no adult talk of foreign policy or domestic issues, instead a ongoing flow of insults. A deep contrast to the Democratic debates, which constitute a true gem in all events politics… at least there, there is no argument regarding who wishes to do what in which sector of governance and policy-making. Only several days left before the ever famous Iowa caucus, a no-nonsence GOP debate has yet to be experienced. Due to Trump’s statement this week, voters, politicians and journalists might finally be in luck. The Democratic candidates agreed to a final debate before the caucus, whose date has yet to be confirmed.

So a decline? Well, with politicians throwing caution to the wind more than a few handfuls or arguing amongst each other who’s the best-looking man for the Oval Office job, we’ve heard concrete plans and yet, and yet, there’s this feeling that each plan presented is not the fully-developed package intended for release to Congress and the public. Obama’s State of the Union delivered much but… not enough. Many a important decision to take but what to say other than that?  Today’s political world revolves around ideas and even Sanders, with his concrete well-thought out future programs, falls under that particular category of “he got trapped in the dead end” while bickering and insults are considered the best tactics when talking of showing Putin the American muscle or comparing Brussels to a disgusting rat-hole… We might as well ask ourselves what are politics? what ever happened to politically correct? What to do with extreme conservatism, which demands racist and sexist comments, insults against all beliefs and no beliefs and an arrogance and outright ambition for said-arrogance and bigotry? Lastly, will our society ever recover from this show?

More to follow as we trudge through this election year.





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